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How Long Will You Refuse to Submit To G-d? Shmos 10:3? All for a pot of lentils? Likud, Shas, UTJ, MGH, Dov Hikind and Feiglin's Fatal Flaw


Dear Influential Leaders of  Israeli and American Political Parties and Mainstream Jewish Organizations, amv"sh

(Many ideas I have included here were taken by Rabbi David Hollander z"l who passed away this past week at 95 a long time columnist of the Jewish Press.  Rabbi Hollander always defended, without compromise, the principles of Torah-true Judaism. These ideas come from one of his earliest articles for the Jewish Press published in February 5, 1960 edition, reprinted in this week Jewish Press)

Hashem is all powerful and not the Likud, Shas, UTJ,Democrats or Republicans.

Do we doubt Hashem's Word or His promise that when we abide by His Torah and keep His Mitvoth then Hashem will protect us and bring Peace, Prosperity and Blessings to the World? 

Likud!, Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah!, Young Israel!, OU!, Shas!, UTJ! Dov Hikind!, "How Long Will You Refuse to Submit to G-d?" !!!! Shemos 10:3

How can we blatantly scorn our G-d given birthright by showing a willingness to give away our birthright for a pot of lentils, no different than EISAV

What is the modern day pot of lentils? 

It's the promise of others to stop Hamas and Fatah from sending rockets our way.

To quote Rabbi David Hollander "People sometimes erect mountains of rationalizations for their actions, but when you look beneath the surface you find selfish interest."

It is my opinion that Shas and UTJ have a selfish interest called payback money to pay for their educational institutions and large families. Feiglin's selfish interest is that he wants all to unite under him, self promotion rather than to unite under a common Torah message.

Has MGH or Agudath Yisroel of America spoken out against Israeli or American Foreign Policy for a 2 State Solution. Until he is in power, has Feiglin mobilized caring Jews in America to speak out for our entitlement of Israel and against the roadmap or against the policies of the gov't of Israel'?

Rulings by the Gedoilim clearly have permitted giving away parts of  Eretz Yisroel cheapening the Holy Land in the eyes of hundreds of thousands of loyal followers making the Torah not relevant in our day. ..

I was at Manhigut's Yehudi'ts' fundraiser in Kew Garden Hills, Queens.  And that's all it was.  A fundraiser to get Moshe Feiglin to win the Likud primary.  He could have used the same opportunity to mobilize that open minded crowd to speak out forcefully for our exclusive entitlement of Eretz Yisroel. After all Jews of the Diaspora are no less entitled than Jews in Israel to the Holy Land. 

Perhaps Feiglin feels that he can't speak out forcefully since he doesn't have the immunity of a Knesset member.After all, he might be accused of sedition and put into jail and lose his chance in getting a Knesset seat. Dov Hikind has his seat in Congress to worry about.

Effectively who will challenge Likud, Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah, Shas, Young Israel, OU, Dov Hikind etc for disgracefully showing their willingness to sell out Israel for a temporary pot of lentils.

As a result Obama and the United States is now training Egypt with the most sophisticated military equipment and deploying thousands of troops on the Eastern Sinai Gaza border in order to deliver this pot of lentils to Israel.  There is a display of unity among the nations of the world to deliver this pot of lentils to Israel.

There are many chareidim that are subservient to UTJ and to SHAS.  They are in a slumber.   To quote Rabbi Hollander....  "To them comes Moshe Rabbeinu, our educator par excellance,  with his rebuke to them to tell the Nations, "Tell the truth, stop hiding behind fancy claims.  Call a spade a spade.  How long will you refuse to submit to G-d?".

 As for the typical Israeli, secular or religious, have faith in them and give them a choice to vote for authentic Torah.  Torah is universal. Yes it is in Hashem's hand and we must demonstrate our worthiness by voting for Him, for Hashem and the Torah platform.   Likud, Shas or UTJ are limited and are mere political parties in a corrupt political system.  Hashem on the other hand, does not sleep nor slumber the Guardian of Israel.

Yes, We do have much to fear when our country and people are not united behind the Torah platform.  Ichud Leumi had better change their slogan very quickly.  It is arrogant to assume that just because there is a few strong few that we have nothing to fear.  Who if not us carry the sins of the majority of our brothers and sisters within Israel and in the Diaspora that are dragging us off the cliff. Just remember what happened to our holy Gush Katif brothers and sisters that sang with ferver Al Tira Meyhem Ki Hashem Elokecha Imach (Don't fear them, i.e. those that wish to expel us, because G-d is with you)

SHAME, SHAME SHAME on Am Yisroel!  Yes it takes educating but I do not see that Moshe Feiglin is doing any real educating.  Rather I only saw lots of campaigning and he lost to Netanyahu.
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I agree that Netanyahu is center-left masquerading as right. I agree that there are leftist candidates in the Likud (Licouldn't). I agree that Ketzeleh and friends are wonderful people whom I would love to see run the country. What I don't see is how you prevent Dan Meridor (no. 17) from being in a high-level ministry. If we would all leave Likud and join NU and NU got 10 seats (I don't believe it), Livni or Barak would be PM. Would that help? Bibi is on record that he wants a coalition with either Kadima or Labor plus Shas. The long-range strategy is for Feiglin and EItam in the Likud (bad cop and good cop) to keep strengthening their positions and eventually lead. Then NU would come in and ask to have influence. This whole thing is in Hashem's hands. If Mitchell and Obama do a really obnoxious thing before the election, maybe the right could gain some positions at the expense of the left, but Bibi would still choose the above over NU even if NU got 15. The real way to solve the problem is to educate the next generation. It won't be solved in the next two weeks.

Is there any possibility of getting some hareidi votes besides Habad for NU at the expense of  UTJ?


Yehoshua Friedman

Dear RObin
I am sorry for my poor English but I hope you will understand my idea, anyway.
If we vote LIKUD [FOR FEIGLIN] it will help us to put the best 8 men -including FEIGLIN] in the LIKUD,[places 31-38 in the likud list] so they will prevent NETANYAHU from withdrawals. THEY WILL BE THE GUARDS OF ERETZ-YISRAEL IN THE LIKUD!!
shabbat shalom


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Dear List, amv"sh

Paul Eidelberg brings some very strong points objecting to Feiglin being part of the Likud party. I too have the premonition that voting for Feiglin or Shas (they too wish to join with Likud) under Likud is a vote for Netanyahu and Netanyahu's politics.  This mean a willingness to negotiate and establish a Palestinian State.  A vote for Feiglin is a vote for Netanyahu and is no way a vote for Feiglin. It seems to me that in the Likud party, Feiglin is an outsider and has no real clout.

Netanyahu's rhetoric is nice but his voting patterns have been a betrayal of our Covenant with Hashem, shows a disregard of the special sanctity the Jewish people have with the Land of Israel and a betrayal to the Jewish Nation. 

This goes way beyond politics.  A vote for Likud is not consistent with a Torah platform.  Only a vote for NU is.

A vote for NU is a vote for what Feiglin really believes in.

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Feiglin's Fatal Flaw


Paul Eidelberg


Israel National News (INN) asked Moshe Feiglin, leader of the Likud's Jewish Leadership faction, to comment on Benjamin Netanyahu's latest remarks regarding a unity government.  Feiglin said, in part: "Our job is to make sure that within the [Likud] party faction, there are enough nationalist MKs who will prevent Netanyahu from carrying out dangerous moves [like supporting a Palestinian state]."  [The present writer will address this last remark later.]

In contrast, National Union party leader Yaakov "Ketzaleh" Katz said that the way to ensure that the Likud remains "nationalistically-oriented is by voting for a party to the right of it."  Moreover, "If the religious-Zionist voters who are now supporting the Likud would vote for the National Union, then many left-wing Likud candidates will not get into the Knesset - while the National Union could get 10 seats! We must not let Feiglin steal away national-religious votes for people like Dan Meridor … and others." [Katz might have added that Meridor may become Justice Minister if included in a Netanyahu cabinet.  This is tantamount to bringing Aharon Barak into the government!]


Now let us consider the central issue of the February 10 election.


1)     There is abundant evidence that Netanyahu supports a Palestinian state.  Hence, a vote for the Likud is a vote for an Arab state in Israel's heartland, Judea and Samaria.  The same may be said of Kadima.  But since Kadima's leader Tzipi Livni is to the left of Netanyahu, nationalists will prefer a Likud-led government.

2)     Nevertheless, voters should have certain facts in mind about the Netanyahu-Likud record on the territorial issue, specially the following:


a.      During his tenure as Israel's prime minister, Netanyahu failed to abrogate the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement even though his own office issued daily reports of the PLO's brazen violations of that agreement.

b.      In the Hebron Memorandum of January 30, 1997, Netanyahu surrendered 80 percent of Hebron to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

c.      In the Wye River Memorandum of October 23, 1998, he agreed, for starters, to surrender approximately 30 percent of Judea and Samaria to the PA.

d.      In 2002, that is, even after the Arafat Terror War broke out in September 2000, Netanyahu and his Likud colleagues (with the exception of Naomi Blumenthal) voted against MK Michael Kleiner's resolution to abrogate Oslo.

e.      As a cabinet minister in the Sharon government, and despite the warnings of Israel's highest defense and intelligence officials, Netanyahu voted for unilateral disengagement from Gaza (which, by the way, doesn't prevent him from boasting now and everywhere that he anticipated the dire consequences of that retreat).

f.        Of the Likud's 40 Knesset Members (two were former Israel B'Aliya MKs that joined the Likud), 23 voted for unilateral disengagement on October 26, 2005. 


3) In the January 2003 election, the Likud won by 38 seats to Labor's 19. This large plurality enabled PM Sharon to appoint more Likud MKs to his cabinet vis-à-vis MKs from parties to his right on the Palestinian state issue—parties such as National Union.


4) A comparable situation will occur in the February 2009 election.  Accordingly, voters who support Feiglin should think strategically: "Although Feiglin urges us to vote Likud, we don't want the Likud to win too large a Knesset plurality—as happened in the 2003 election—because that will allow Netanyahu to stack his cabinet with more Likud MKs vis-à-vis MKs from parties to his right."  


5) Therefore, if these "Feiglinites" vote for a party to the right of the Likud—say National Union—they would increase the number of Knesset seats won by that party.  Netanyahu may then have to include MKs from that party in a unity government.  The cabinet would then include NU opponents of a Palestinian state, bolstering "mavericks" from Netanyahu's own party.


6) Of course, given a unity government, Netanyahu could appoint enough Kadima (as well as Labor) MKs to his cabinet, to the possible exclusion of National Union.   However, this will depend on the number seats won by these and other parties—and this is speculative.  Besides, I have not forgotten Israeli Beiteinu, which may become the third largest party and complicate Netanyahu's ability to form a unity government supportive of a Palestinian state.


7) Speculation aside, there is a fatal flaw in Feiglin's position.  He claims that with more people voting Likud, the Likud will have more MKs opposed to a Palestinian state.  Perhaps, but this overlooks the fact that it will not be new Likud MKs supportive of Feiglin so much as incumbent Likud MKs that Netanyahu will appoint to his cabinet, and their track record on a Palestinian state is not encouraging.  Indeed, by luring more people to vote Likud, Feiglin will enable Netanyahu to appoint more Likud incumbents to the cabinet, hence more MKs who, like Meridor, do not oppose a Palestinian state.


This suggests that Feiglin's flaw may be nothing more than a case of tendentiousness, not to say self-promotion.









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