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Jonathan Pollard - Why isn't America expressing remorse?


Dear Friends, amv"sh

It appears that the whole campaign to free Pollard is not working.  It doesn't look like the President is interested in pardoning Pollard even though the consensus and arguments are clearly in Pollards favor. Quiet diplomacy has been going on for 23 years with no results.

How come?

We can also ask a different but related question.  How come after seeing the rocket attacks in Sderot and Southern Israel, people can not put 2 and 2 together.  It is obvious that these attacks come as a direct consequence of giving away Gush Katif.  

If we succeed in quieting Hamas, after the price of a ground offensive, will the Government of Israel then hand over Gaza to Fatah?

The answer is clear. We as a nation have failed to assert our entitlement to the Land of Israel, and our rights for security. It's almost as if we really don't want the burden, and in fact are running away from the Divine yoke (known as Ol Mitzvoth) of our entitlement.

When Jonathan Pollard expresses remorse and pleads for clemency simply because he has served a prison sentence that is excessive,  effectively he is admitting that he has wronged America. 

Jonathan Guilty????  Let's think it through!

We know that Jonathan was acting on behalf of America and Israel.  We know that Jonathan acted to protect Israel when it became apparent that the USA was not sharing intelligence and actually being a partner with developing a power plant that would put Israel in harms way.

Jonathan Pollard acted as a spy for Israel, America's ally, only when the United States betrayed Israel and its agreement with them, by allowing Saddam Hussein to gain access to weapons of mass destruction that could be used against Israel. 

United States of America at the time may have had their reasons for building that power plant in Iraq.  Not that long after however, they themselves realized that Saddam Hussein is not the proper venue to fight the war against a terrorist regime.

In our day, we are facing the same dilemma as Jonathan Pollard.  Do we speak out against American Foreign Policy that is clearly endangering Israel?   Do we risk America's wrath at our audacity to question American foreign policy and thereby according to our  critics "endanger" America's interests abroad? Aren't we too afraid of being called disloyal and traitor to America and this is holding us back?

President Bush and Condoleeza Rice have convinced themselves that they are justified in endorsing, promoting and supporting a Palestinian State.

Believing Jews know that whatever logic they have, it goes against G-d's Torah and in fact it not only puts Israel in danger but puts humanity in danger. Peace and security for Israel means peace and security for mankind.

So, will we continue with the apologetics and beg merely to survive, to be free of the non ending rockets?  Will we continue to remain Silent when the people of Judea and Samaria have no rights to buy property, expand or defend themselves without being put into prison? 

OR will we stand with uprightness and assert our entitlement to the entire Land of Israel, reclaiming Gaza and rebuilding the destroyed Jewish communities and declare that Judea and Samaria is our entitlement and so is Temple Mount. 

In this war on terror we can only rely on G-d in Heaven to protect us. When we scorn our birthright by expressing our willingness and even eagerness to give it away for a mere pot of lentils as did Eisav and annul our Torah in the process, why should G-d want to fight for us? 

And that dear friends is why I believe Pollard still isn't free and the rockets are coming to Beer Sheva, Ashkelon and Ashdod and the judge in Iowa will not allow a Jew out on bail because of the Law of Return and why in Fort Lauderdale in a Jewish neighborhood, Florida there is a pro Hamas rally. 

What more will it take to wake us up???.

In the merit of our desire to reclaim Gaza and to hold on to our heartland Judea and Samaria and Har Habayit and ...

in the merit of Am Yisroel expressing yearning and desire for Eretz Yisroel, Eretz Hakodesh and...

in the merit of Am Yisroel recognizing our obligations to fulfill the Torah commandments in Eretz Yisroel

May we continue to see miracles.  May our righteous soldiers and those that regret any participation, either active or passive, in giving away Eretz Yisroel be protected in Eretz Yisroel or in the Diaspora. And may the rest of us wake up quickly.  Otherwise we are eating the poison of what we ourselves have sowed.

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Honorable President George W. Bush:

I write to you pleading for the release of Jonathan Pollard.

Jonathan Pollard gave intelligence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq to Israel.  This intelligence should have been shared as per a prior agreement between Israel and the USA.

I don't believe that Jonathan Pollard was disloyal to America.  I do believe that America betrayed Israel by failing to supply her with intelligence that Israel needed for her security. 

I also believe that the USA is currently betraying Israel by endorsing and promoting a  Palestinian State. Millions and maybe billions of dollars is flowing into Fatah with the delusion that Fatah will use it to fight Hamas. This infusion of support and funds for Fatah is putting the security of Israel in grave danger.   Fatah is out to destroy Israel. They believe in diplomacy to achieve their goals.  They have no qualms about using their money, weapons and military training against America's ally Israel.  In the past, money, arms and training given to Fatah ends up with Hamas against Israel or simply used by Fatah against Israel.

With similar logic, another terrorist regime led by Saddam Hussein was being given weapons of mass destruction to fight the Islamic Revolution. In the 1980's, Bechtel, an American company was building a power plant in Iraq under the disguise of producing fertilizer. Israel intelligence noticed that it looked suspicious but was reassured  by America that it was nothing.  After seeing that America was withholding this crucial intelligence that compromised Israel's security, Jonathan Pollard decided to become a spy for Israel. Jonathan Pollard was able to supply the intelligence revealing that the plant was not so benign. Maybe at the time America felt it was justified to supply Saddam Hussein with the wherewithal to bring down Islamic fundamentalism.  It is noteworthy to remember that just a few years later in 1991, America went to war with Saddam Hussein, in order to fight the axis of evil. America was grateful at that time that Israel had knocked out the nuclear capabilities of Iraq years earlier even though at the time America was not consulted and had  retaliated by withholding intelligence, the same intelligence Jonathan had supplied Israel with.

Jonathan Pollard has publicly shown remorse.

He is being advised that this is the only way that he will obtain freedom.  In the past he was advised to plea bargain in return for the promise of freedom. We all know where that led him. Life Imprisonment.

When a person deprived of basic human rights is told that expressing remorse is the only way out, what would most normal humans opt for? Most people would express remorse. 

But behind closed doors what is he saying to himself? 

How could he have responded differently?  He was in a moral dilemma.  Should he have withheld intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction from Israel after it was clear that his superiors refused to share the intelligence in spite of a prior agreement? Had he spread the beans of America's refusal to share intelligence, who would have stood by him against America's perceived national interests.  Israel's security takes 2nd fiddle to what is perceived to be what's best for America. 

Yet, if a friendly country would have had intelligence of 9/11 and not shared it with the USA wouldn't we have held them indirectly responsible for the horrific tragedy of 9/11.

Would Jonathan Pollard been able to live with his conscience, a sentence worse than the one he is in, had an attack been launched against Israel using these weapons of mass destruction with results far deadlier then the impact of a few airplanes of 9/11?????

Please review the facts of the Jonathan Pollard case and use the power of your office to release Pollard. His case cries out loudly for an apology and payback for his torture and suffering in jail. Please recognize as well that any support for Fatah and a Palestinian State is support for terror and has been the catalyst to advance terror, terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism.

If Jewish organizations and Jewish Leaders and influential Jewish Rabbis have not been openly critical of a Palestinian State and the Roadmap, please be aware that this is not how they feel privately. Privately they know that the Land of Israel belongs exclusively to the Jewish Nation. It is G-d's Divine promise  to Israel and G-d's Covenant with Israel for the benefit of mankind as written in our Holy Torah.

Mainstream Judaism is very concerned to speak out critically against American Foreign Policy.  They worry about how that might affect their non for profit status or their funding.  If they are influential politically, they do not want to jeopardize their influence or harm close political ties they might have fostered.

Jews have learned the hard way that their only hope is in their trust in the Creator of the World. Peace and prosperity can only come about with world recognition of Israel's entitlement of the Land of Israel. 

 Israel is the Chosen Nation by G-d to inherit the Land of Israel and to observe the commandments of the Torah in the Land of Israel.  

This and only this will bring peace and prosperity to mankind.


Robin Ticker
Brooklyn, NY

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