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Fwd: A Likud Profile.doc - More Likud Bashing. I wish it wasn't true

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A Likud Profile


Paul Eidelberg



The Likud has been consistent in one thing only:  the betrayal of its professed Zionist or nationalist principles.


Thus Begin, who yielded the Sinai and evacuated Yamit.


Thus Shamir, whose "peace plan" led to the recognition of the PLO at Madrid. 


Thus Netanyahu, who withdrew from Hebron and prepared the ground for a Palestinian state at Wye.


Thus Sharon, who adopted Labor's policy of "unilateral disengagement" from Gaza. 


Thus Olmert (of the Likud's offspring Kadima), who would withdraw from Judea and Samaria. 


            ● And once again Netanyahu, who will complete this record of perfidy should he form, as he promises, a national unity government with Labor and Kadima after the February 10, 2009 election.

The Likud Party has never possessed the will or the courage to rule in accordance with its professed principles.  I once called the Likud "the right wing of the Labor Party."  Netanyahu made this crystal clear when he said he would exclude rightwing parties should he form the next government.   What right-wing parties?  Clearly, parties opposed to a Palestinian state such as National Union.


Actually, Netanyahu has long misled the public about the true character of the Likud.  This he has been able to do because of Israel's system of multi-party cabinet government.  This grotesque system has allowed the Likud to pose as a rightwing party, when, in reality, it is a left-leaning party that has lured right-wingers to its cause, and that cause is nothing less than the burial of Zionism.


It is in this light that we should ponder Netanyahu's recruiting  Benny Begin and General Moshe Ya'alon into his party along with Dan Meridor—Meridor, who, if appointed Justice Minister, as rumored, will inject the leftwing ideology of Judge Aharon Barak into the next government.


Does any informed person need to be shown that Judge Barak was the foremost enemy of Zionism on the Supreme Court?


Suffice to say it was as President of the Supreme Court that Judge Barak ruled that Judea, Samaria, and Gaza constitute "belligerent occupied territory," a ruling that sanctioned the anti-Zionist policy of Likud chairman Ariel Sharon.  This perfidious ruling can be expected to govern Benjamin Netanyahu should he become Israel's next Prime Minister.




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