Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hallelukah! Ketzaleh , R' Yaakov Katz of Beit El Unites for Torah! National Union


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His words are song to my ears.  Yasher Koach to all those activists like Susie Dym and Nadia Matar that worked so hard to get this together.  My only hope is that now, Moshe Feiglin will join in with this fantastic group because it is exactly what Feiglin believes rather than wasting time and energy on Likud.  The same goes for Menachemr Porush and UTJ. May all the Shas people join in under their courageous Rabbinic Leader Rabbi Yaakaov Yosef.  The Torah is what will unite Am Yisroel.  No longer shall we run away from our Torah that can sometimes feel like a burden but is ultimately for our own good and the good of the World.

The Torah was rejected in 1948 by the Zionist State but the State of Israel has much to be proud of in spite of this flaw. They built up the Land including establishing many Yeshivoth, and religious strongholds.  With this current Tikkun in our generation, of recognizing that the Torah is everlasting and relevant and our Covenant with Hashem is relevant in our day, we are doing what we need to fight Hamas.  Beezrat Hashem, no longer will there silence, a terrible chillul Hashem when they speak of Occupation. Finally a voice that speaks with pride of our entitlement to Eretz Yisroel based on Torah!  What a tremendous Kiddush Hashem!


Ketzaleh: "Follow Me to the Land of Israel" - Part 1

by Chagit Rotenberg

(IsraelNN.com) "We will bring smiles back to the faces of those who cherish the Land of Israel," says National Union party leader Yaakov "Ketzaleh" Katz in an exclusive interview with B'Sheva Magazine.
Translated by Rochel Sylvetsky

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