Friday, January 16, 2009

Download and Print before Shabbos Parshat Shmoth: TZC-Newsletter-Jan-16-09 -


Dear Family and Friends, amv"sh

Please download and print this one of a kind newsletter before Shabbath. Almost all of the major Jewish Organizations that have Washington offices including Agudah, OU, Young Israel  and Chabad International will refrain from presenting material critical of American Foreign Policy in their newspapers or public relations.

So please print multiple copies and hand them out in shul. What we don't know will hurt us.

Yasher Koach to the Toronto Zionist Council!

This newsletter begins with an article by Caroline Glick baring the painful truth of America's hostility towards Israel or as she put it "coddling terrorists at Israel's expense".

 No wonder Jonathan Pollard is still not released because doing so would also reveal that it was the USA that should be the one apologizing   Please read Jonathan Pollard:  Why Isn't America Showing Remorse

If we are wondering by which merit we are deserving of the miracles that Hashem has showered upon Am Yisroel and the chayalim  during this War, just read the last article in the TZC newsletter from Arutz7 which describes the holiness of our Soldiers in this War. Then we will understand where our power to fight this War really comes from.

Shabbat Shalom, Robin

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