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Ichud Leumi vs Manhigut Yehudit and Likud


Dear Faige Lobel, amv"sh

Why is my analogy of a scorned wife off the mark?  I thought it was quite on target. What Yehoshua Friedman  wrote (see below) is political analysis and speculation. 

If one goes according to politics and the polls, it was a given that Feiglin should have won a seat by now in Likud. 

But logic, reason and probability doesn't always work because there is a higher power running the show. 

 Ichud Leumi has the right Torah message. Both Ketzala and Eldad gave strong Torah messages.  They are a union between secular and religious. The energy and enthusiasm I saw in the Manhigut Team is now in their camp and it seems to me that the Manhigut Team is focused on politics and playing the political game correctly.   Be loyal to Moshe Feiglin. continue to play the political game and Moshe Feiglin will be victorious with time. 

Moshe Feiglin means well.  He really believes that he will better unite the people going this route of patience and diligence in winning over the Likud party.

The Manhigut Yehudit party under Likud within the State of Israel is a contradiction with a Torah Sovereignty. With a Torah Sovereignty, the Torah is the ultimate authority. I am not talking about religious coercion.  I am talking about fundamentals.  This Land is our Land.

Manhigut Yehudit under Likud answers to the the State of Israel which unfortunately is not a Torah State and unfortunately in this present day and age does not represent the Torah or Torah values.

Dov Kass your answer to Faige Lobel of MY was also political analysis  It is speculation which counters Manhigut Yehudit and Yehoshua Friedman's speculation. 

My argument is simply that Likud is not the right umbrella for a Torah position.  Likud under Netanyahu is clearly not a Torah position and we must all join forces with what is consistant with Torah and our Jewish Heritage.  How much stronger would the Torah message be if it included Manhigut Yehudit's camp and Effie Eitam's people and bring in UTJ and Shas supporters who recognize that Torah is not being represented in the so called religious parties either. This would attract religious voters that want a government based on Torah and Kedusha.

Then what is needed is a strong campaign to show the world that the Torah is universal and not merely for "special interest groups".  Let's bring in talk about the 13 colonies and the American Revolution and taxation w/o representation and the Declaration of Independance and compare it with the struggle of Judea and Samaria.  Let's talk about the Hebrew Republic and the influence of Torah on the modern day republic and on political philosophy and democracy.  (Paul Eidelberg can help on that as well as Azure and other think tanks).  Let's talk about the 7 Noahide laws. This discussion would appeal to the secular Zionists who have the desire to be a Mamlechet Kohanim, a Kingdom of Priests a role model to the entire world.  The desire of Malchut, of the Nation of Israel being part of the process of perfecting the world in the Kingdom of G-d is the cry of the Conservative Jew.  (LeTakein Olam BeMalchut Shakai)  That is why they will recite the second part of Aleinu out loud and in the religious shuls it is mumbled. 

The religious Jew shies away from public showmanship.  They wish to remain insulated and left alone to practice their religion in peace and quiet. 

Yet if we read the prayers on Rosh Hashana, the time of redemption requires that the Jews indeed take on center stage in order  to bring the world to recognize the Oneness of G-d and His Kingship over the world. This is the raison D'etres of the Jewish Nation.

Perhaps we can better understand why Moshe Feiglin wishes to distance himself away from the so called religious parties or being perceived as a religious party.  Having the religious vote and only the religious vote would hamper his efforts as a World Leader as a Leader of the Jewish Nation since the religious behaves as if it isn't really that interested in perfecting the world.. They rather focus on Tikkun Middot, perfecting their own character. They will insist on focusing on remaining an insulated population looking merely to practice their religion undisturbed.

But staying under the Likud umbrella is also limiting in that Manhigut Yehudit is subservient to the parties platform which is anti Torah.

Joining with Ichud Leumi and working together to be a Mamlechet Kohanim VeGoy Kadosh will bs"d bring in G-d's assistance and Bracha Vehatzlacha.

2009/1/13 faige lobel <>
The following article originally appeared on the Israeli blog on Jan. 7, 2009.  The author is Israeli commentator Yehoshuah Friedman. Your analogy of the Scorned Wife is totally off the mark and, sadly, the Ichud Leumi is and will be irrelevant.

A War with a Clear Purpose

As we so sorely noticed a couple of years ago, Lebanon War II (Olmert's Folly) was a war without a clear plan or a clear purpose. The expulsion required the squandering of military resources on the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, Northern Gaza and Northern Shomron. It also necessitated the criminal misuse of political, military and judicial authority as well as the use of the brainwashing talent of the cleverest of the psychologists and the media. A prime minister, a defense minister and a military chief of staff were totally out of their depth to prosecute that war and clueless about what they were trying to do.
The picture is somewhat different now. Barak instead of Peretz is the Defense Minister and Ashkenazi instead of that air force UFO is the chief of staff. The IDF is in a better state of preparedness, and it shows.
BUT ... we know that the IDF is the Israel Defence Force and not the Israel Victory Force. At their best they will fight with exceptional competence until the UN ref blows his whistle. The other day I came to the conclusion that the architect of this war Defense Minister Ehud Barak (alias Barach = run away) of the Labor Party has a clear goal: to be Defense Minister in the next government whether it is headed by Netanyahu and Likud or Livni and Kadima.
But just as I started to form those words, I encountered the words of a man who, though not a prophet, has shown himself to be a pretty fair analyst and predictor of what is going on around here, Moshe Feiglin. Listen to him in English here: .
He went further than I did and said that Barak is going to be the next Prime Minister. This war is shooting Labor up in the polls. If Labor pulls ahead of Likud and Kadima, Barak will be asked by President Peres (Hebrew for vulture) to form the next government. In any case that means that the Jewish Home (former NRP) and the National Union joined with Marzel and Rabbi Wolpe will both be persona non grata in coalition negotiations. Probably Avigdor Lieberman's Israel Our Home will be the same. Shas will presumably be in the government. The concessions will continue.
Feiglin didn't say the following. I say it. The chances of getting a real right-wing government for an independent Israel are pretty close to nil. The chance of avoiding serious damage rest on getting as many seats for the Likud as possible. If Feiglin is in the Knesset and the Likud forms the government with 36 seats or better, we have a fighting chance. The Americans will press Bibi hard and the people and Feiglin and friends will press back harder from the other side. When Bibi caves in and supports the PLO against Hamas, ignoring the total irrelevance of the difference between two groups of terrorists, Feiglin will look good. Next time Feiglin runs against Bibi for the leadership of the Likud, he will do better. Feiglin is smart with media and does not let his image peak. People will soon see Bibi as an old face.
There is, however, a motion to the Supreme Court by Meretz to have Feiglin struck off from the list of the Likud completely for being racist! That is unprecedented, but if it happens, ballots are over and bullets begin. Meanwhile, let's do the only intelligent thing we can with our ballots and get out there and vote. Let us put clothespins on our noses and vote LIKUD!

Faige Lobel

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Ichud Leumi seems to have a solid base in Torah and is really building up support and has a group of strongly committed activists. Politics is not important except when it is to promote Torah.  The Torah is universal to mankind and will unite. 

Ichud Leumi is presenting Eretz Yisroel in a manner that reflects true Judaism. Let Netanyahu loose all his supporters. The same for Moshe Feiglin if he insists are staying with Likud. The same for UTJ and Shas who claim that they represent Torah but have shown a willingness to forego on the sanctity of Eretz Yisroel and give away parts of Eretz Yisroelin the name of  Pikuach Nefesh for Israel's defense.

 Avraham Avinu was willing to give away his wife Sara to Pharoh, believing that he would be killed and she would be taken anyway and  because Avraham perhaps felt that she would be protected by a miracle.  That was before the giving of the Torah.  Also, Pharoh didn't actually know that Sara was Avraham's wife. 

Why don't the Nations of the world know that Eretz Yisroel belongs strictly to Am Yisroel?  Haven't we received the Torah? Isn't it public knowledge she is sanctified to Am Yisroel.

Is it because we haven't told them and haven't integrated this knowledge into our practice of Judaism?

 To  belong to a party that shows a willingness to negotiate away Eretz Yisroel, creates a situation of Pikuach Nefesh rather than prevents it.

There are certain things that one does not negotiate and your wife is one of them.

Because a willingness to give away your wife to your business associates as a political favor or in return for security is deplorable.   It doesn't make her feel much better when both she and you gets beaten up and you go back to take her and you tell her new master, had you only treated her properly she could have been yours.

Even the next higher level of saying,  I know that you will not treat her properly and will in fact beat us both up,  so I can not give her to you.  This too is extremely degrading to the wife.  And holding your nose when you say this, knowing that it's still an insult to your wife, doesn't help much.

This emphasis only on Pikuach Nefesh, Israel's defense is missing the point of not appreciating the sanctity of the marriage to begin with. It shows there there is no understanding of how truly wonderful and fantastic this marriage can be for the entire world!

Let us Shout Out to the world, I love my wife, it is a marriage made in heaven and I never want to depart from her.  I have hurt her terribly by not appreciating who she is and what she can become.  I have sinned against the Master of the Universe who has provided me with such a special partner and I have rejected her and cast her away. The Master of the Universe has been patient with me but for how long?  When will His wrath and fury reach the boiling point? The Land of Israel is the place of His dwelling, the place where His Shechina rests.

How can the government, Likud, Shas, UTJ,   or any other party talk about reciprocity thereby showing their willingness to share what is sanctified for us alone?


On a separate, less emotional note, for your latest news on the War in Gaza

Please go on

You can see running headlines of Arutz7, latest news posts from Ynet and Jpost, Activities of Women in Green, Ichud Leumi and all about the Yesha communities.  Last night alone it had 26,000 posts growing by leaps and bounds!

Also, I would like more serious discussion about returning the role of  Rabbanic Leadership in the decision making process of a Jewish Government using as a reference the role of the Sanhedrin and the Zekeinim in the times of the Shoftim. 

Sincerely, Robin

2009/1/13 eli7 <>


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הודעה זו נשלחת שנית מאחר ושמענו מכמה אנשים שלא קיבלו הודעה זו או בעצם לא הבחינו שמדובר בדוא"ל בנושא איחוד לאומי, ומחקו את התוכן.


From: Nadia & David Matar []
Subject: Wednesday in Hevron
יום רביעי בחברון





שלום חברים


מי שמקבל את האימיילים האלו הוא מי שנרשם כפעיל בכנס של מוצאי שבת במרכז הישראלי או מי שהביע נכונות לעזור ע"י שליחת אימייל.

אם אינכם מעוניינים לקבל מיילים אלו נא ציינו זאת באימייל חזרה.




נציגות פורום הנשים הארצי למען האיחוד הלאומי:

יהודית קצובר 0545866059 - רחל סילבצקי 025865307 - נדיה מטר 0505500834 



עידכון איחוד לאומי:


1) ביום רביעי הקרוב,(מחר!!) י"ח טבת תשס"ט, 14/1/09 בשעה 14:00

ביום רביעי, בשעה שתיים, מפלגת התקווה איחוד לאומי מסריטה תשדיר בחירות
במערכת המכפלה. . אנו זקוקים למשתתפים רבים
בסרטון, ולכן נודה לכם מאוד באם תגיעו למערכת המכפלה בחברון ותשתתפו בתשדיר.ב:

מקום:  מערת המכפלה בחברון
שעה:   14:00

כדי שהתשדיר יהיה משכנע ומרשים, רצוי שיהיו הרבה משתתפים.

תודה,עתליה בן מאיר  0542345836 

 אנא התקשרו אלי ותודיעו לי באם אתם יכולים או לא יכולים להגיע


2) כינוס פעילים להצלחת המערכה של נאמני ארץ ישראל

הכינוס יתקיים ביום שני, אור לכ"ד בטבת, בגן האצטרובל בצומת גלילות שמצפון לתל-אביב בשעה 7 בערב. יותוו בו הדרכים לקראת המאבק הגורלי על ארץ ישראל, וממנו תצא הקריאה לאחדות למען הצלת ארץ הקודש. ינאמו רבנים, אישי ציבור ונציגי התנועה.

לפרטים: מוטי מרקוביץ, 054-6354468

3) סיכום כינוס איחוד לאומי במוצ"ש שאורגן ע"י פורום נשים למען האיחוד הלאומי

4) אודות כינוס נוער איחוד לאומי של היום

5) אז מה אפשר לעשות?

אין הרבה זמן והעבודה מרובה. ליזום ליזום ליזום! אל תחכו לטלפונים מפעילי האיחוד הלאומי. יזמו בעצמכם חוגי בית או פעילות אחרת.

מצורפים דפים שחולקו בכנס במוצ"ש. הדפיסו אותם ועליהם כתוב מה אפשר לעשות. דוגמא אחת:

תנו כח לאיחוד הלאומי: מדפיסים הדף המצורף- פותחים פנקס טלפונים אישי או רשימות של שמחות משפחתיות- מתקשרים לחברים ולבני משפחה ומשכנעים לפחות 28 איש (כח) להצביע עבור האיחוד הלאומי.רושמים את שמותיהם על הדף המצורף ומפקססים לנו. ישר כח!!


מארגנים חוגי בית של לפחות 20 איש. מתקשרים למתאמת חוגי הבית חיה קנדלר 0526051926 ומארגנים חוג בית עם אחד ממועמדי האיחוד לאומי.


בהצלחה לכולנו. בע"ה נעשה ונצליח!!




This email is being sent to you because you have registred at the Motsaei shabbat Ichud leumi evening or because you have shown an interest by email to receive our Ichud Leumi updates. If you do not want to receive those emails please email us and we will unsubscribe you.




The representatives of the Women's Forum for the Ichud leumi

Yehudit Katzover 0545866059 - Rachel Silvetzky 025865307 - Nadia Matar 0505500834

1)On Wednesday January 14th at 2:00pm

The Ichud-Leumi Party is filming an election clip at the Maarat
haMachpela on Wednesday, 14 January, at 14:00. We want a
persuasive and impressive election clip and therefore it is important
that we have many participants. Please come and bring other Ichud leumi participants.

This is your chance to meet the Ichud leumi candidates.

The filming will be with the participation of the candidates, Rabbis, public figures etc...

Place: Maarat haMachpala
Time: 14:00

Please tell us if you are coming so we get an idea of how many people will come

by calling Atalia Ben Meir 0542345836


2) IcHud Leumi Activist gathering next Monday January 19th at 7:00pm in North Tel Aviv, tsomet Glilot in Gan itstrubal.

For details Motti Markowitz 054-6354468


3) Summary of Ichud Leumi meeting motsaei shabbat


4) ICHUD LEUMI ANGLO department

We are looking for volunteers to help with the Ichud leumi English campaign

in preparation for the upcoming elections.

The Ichud Leumi is the only party that is fully committed to Eretz Yisrael.

If you would be interested in helping or contributing please contact me at
my e-mail address or phone number below.

Dov Kass


5) Meet Katzele in Elazar Gush Etzion

Please join us as we meet the leader of the new Ichud Leumi party, the charismatic and dynamic, Yaakov Katz, also known as Ketzaleh who will be speaking in English at a chug bayit at the Moadon in Elazar, next Thursday, January 22 at 8 PM.

He is a founder of the town of Beit El and father of seven. Ketzaleh has headed the Beit El Yeshiva institutions for over 25 years and the Arutz Sheva broadcast network. Ketzaleh was a Shaked Commando unit officer who lost part of his leg in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He has also served as senior advisor to Housing Minister Ariel Sharon during the period when Sharon promoted extensive building in Yehuda and Shomron. Ketzaleh's integrity and commitment to to the land and people of Israel is worthy of our support. Hope to see you there.

Alan Simanowitz


6) So..what can we do?

See attached flyers for ideas. Most importantly: do not wait for a phonecall but rather initiate!

Organize a Chug bayit: Call Haya Kendler who organizes chug bayits- she will tell you which Ichud Leumi candidate is available what night- make sure at least 20 people attend the chug bayit - kol hakavod

Koach to the Ichud Leumi: open your personal phonebook and convince at least 28 (koach) of your friends and relatives to commit to vote Ichud Leumi. Write down their names on the attached sheet and fax it to us.


Please G-d we will do and please G-d we will succeed. Behatzlacha







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