Thursday, January 08, 2009

My comments to Hallelukah re: National Union, Feiglin, Sanhedrin


My Dear Friends, amv"sh

Sometimes I really wonder if my emails are being read.  Baruch Hashem I see that there is a listening audience.  Before I address the subject at hand let me mention that my email "Hallelukah" about the newly formed National Union Party was cc"d to my list unintentionally.  As you know,  I usually send TO: and BCC everyone else. I CCds rather BCC'd by accident. As a result my list is being bombarded with emails.

Many of you welcome this discussion.  Thank you so much for sharing with others your views. Others do not and do not appreciate the volume of emails generated..

If you do not want to be part of this discussion please email the others to let them know.  Personally, I very much enjoy an open debate where we can address our opinions and concerns in a respectful manner. 

Rabbi Dov Stein of the Sanhedrin raise important points about speaking out proudly and forcefully about our Covenant and also raising awareness  of the Torah passages that people say are not relevant, politically incorrect, racist etc. The passages that speak about destroying the inhabitants of the Land if they continue with their idol worship is rarely quoted and if quoted will be labeled as very extreme and not to be taken literally.  Regarding this point please read if you haven't already, which speaks about Parshat Shoftim Chapters 2-4.

 I would like to have an open discussion about what can be done to make Torah and Dat (do's and do nots of our religion) all inclusive for humanity rather than seen as coersion and repression in the name of religion.  The importance of a Rabbinic Authority acting as a Sanhedrin, or the Zekainim of our time and choosing a leader like a Shofet can become a reality in government that has Torah as its guide.

 It is a natural phenomenon to run like the wind when we feel that our personal way to express ourselves in this world, or the way we wish to express our Judaism and love of Hashem is being stifled and repressed in the name of religion. But Torah should do the opposite and if it is repressive, there is something not quite Kosher.

My own disappointment re: Moshe Feiglin's decision to stick with Likud can be found at  I do admire the entire MY team and hope that they understand that others feel that they are actually limiting themselves by sticking with Likud.

Again Thank You for your comments and I apologize for the inundation of emails.  Robin

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