Thursday, January 08, 2009

COMMENT: Open Letter to Annie Lennox - A Scorned Wife


Dear Marilyn, amv"sh

Excellent letter and thank you for sending it to me. 

However, it does not speak of our entitlement to the Land.

Here's an analogy. 

A couple is married to each other in holy matrimony. They have a prenuptial agreement.  He claims that he loves her but offers her to foreigners for their own use to win them over in a business deal, and she suffers and is hurt by these other parties, her value is diminished. The husband then defends his right to stop these foreigners from hurting her.  He scolds his business acquaintences to whom he has offered her and says, if only you would have treated her nicely she could have been yours.

Now where in this statement does the husband show that he loves her and desires her and honors and values the sanctity of their marriage? 

The Land of Israel is the wife.  She is sanctified by her husband the Nation of Israel.  Yet he continues to degrade her by acting as if there was no sanctification and that the marriage is meaningless. He continues to act as if he has the right to farm her out to whomever he so desires as long as they are both not destroyed in the process.

At what point will he realize that his willingness to part with her is the source of her greatest sorrow and  degradation?

On Thu, Jan 8, 2009 at 2:10 AM, Marilyn Safran <> wrote:

>>> On 1/7/2009 at  9:04 pm, in message <13F8615F99064E97BDD1A2C1E9659DA8@taylornew>, Jeanette Taylor <> wrote:


Dear Annie,

As a long time fan of yours, I must say that I was so
disappointed to see you sitting under a Palestinian flag, in the company
of "Red" Ken Livingstone, George Gallagher, etc, all of them unabashedly
not only anti Israel, but anti Semites to boot.

As well as being beneath your personal dignity to sit with such
people you are also placing yourself decisively behind and identifying
with only one side in the conflict and have abandoned any pretense of
impartiality whatsoever.

I definitely value your concern for human rights and my heart goes
out to your obviously genuine heartache for the Palestinian suffering.
As do ours. Where, however was that beautiful voice of yours when 6000,
yes, 6000 rockets rained down on unprotected Israeli civilian villages,
towns and kibbutzim, all of them purposely targeting civilians and only
civilians. A whole population lived in fear, children suffering post
traumatic stress, economies floundering, and for what?

We unilaterally pulled out of Gaza , uprooted enterprises of 30
years standing, which during that time had prospered and made the
previously neglected desert bloom.

We pulled out with peace in our hearts, and the deeds to prove
it. We left behind, intact, the most technically advanced hothouses in
the world. We were prepared to train Palestinians and conglomerates of
American Jews (please check the facts) were offering to do joint venture
with these Palestinians to help them develop their economy. This would
offer unheard of opportunities in the 'refugee' world which I might add
would really defeat the aim of the Islamic nations who USE these poor
people as pawns.

Gaza was presented an opportunity to have become a thriving tax
free port city and we could have been living in peace and trading (this
is the best method of peace) with a prosperous Gaza . The Gazans
unfortunately strengthened the old adage "The Palestinians never miss an
opportunity to miss an opportunity" and alas, the hothouses were looted
and wantonly destroyed and we were met with a barrage of rockets instead
of joint ventures.

Foreign aid was spent on deadly weapons. Even when we had a "cease
fire" rockets rained in on a daily business and the Hamas interpreted
our incredible restraint as weakness. We pleaded, we threatened, until
our threats had lost all meaning. Enough was enough.

Where were you (and Sky News for that matter) when we were shown
gruesome live footage of an Israeli boy screaming on the floor of a
Supermarket.yes, a Supermarket where civilians do their shopping,
subsequent to an unprovoked rocket attack.. His leg had been sheared off
by an assault calculatingly and cynically targeting civilians. The
stories are endless.

Military might doesn't solve anything.the answer is in diplomacy
suggests Miss Lennox. Annie, who with? The Hamas will neither speak to
us nor even recognize our basic right of existence. Like their Iranian
masters they steadfastly call for our utter and total destruction. Non

It is said that they are holding out for open border crossings.

They had open crossings till they started bombarding us. The
crossings were never permanently closed but their temporary closures
were vainly and ineffectively used as a deterrent. They even bombed the
crossings!! Go figure.

Is all of this madness in order to gain what they already had, and
could have had way back then by doing one simple thing. Stop bombarding

Israelis yearn for peace and have proved with deeds that we are
prepared to pay a high price for this. Our peace treaties with Jordan
and Egypt are living proof. The Gazans will not talk peace, at very best
a truce. The last "truce" with Hamas was exploited in their smuggling
weapons, building tunnels, training shock troops in Iran and building
fortifications, as well as maintaining their daily bombardment of
Israeli civilians. Hamas, Hizbollah, Al Quaida, etc. not only call for
the destruction of Israel but mock the Western democracies, which they
have also openly promised to demolish. These threatened Democracies call
for even handedness in the region which is also perceived gleefully in
their eyes as weakness. Did we learn nothing from Chamberlain? Be
forewarned, Annie, in Londonstan, when you are wearing a burqa , at
least we will, at least ,still be able to see your beautiful eyes.

Why is it that you, and other "liberal" people like yourself so
savagely condemn Israel , with its democratic government, vocal
opposition, free press, a world respected legal system, rights for
minorities, etc? In short the only people in the Middle East who adhere
by YOUR standards, are vilified whilst you defend the people who trample
on democracy, human rights, woman's in particular, freedom of religion,
freedom of speech.need I go on with the list?

We have tried restraint, negotiations through 3rd parties, (as
they won't speak to us) cease fires (albeit one sided) nothing worked,
all the above were seen as weakness. Like feeding the proverbial lion in
order to get him to leave you alone it only increased their insatiable
appetite, and so the time had come to act, and act strongly. Was our
reaction unproportionate? Maybe we should have emulated them. For every
Kassam rocket fired indiscriminately into a civilian population, should
we have replied by sending helter skelter a rocket aimed into civilian
areas and trust to luck where it falls? What would you, Red Ken and the
gang have said about us then?

Hamas is to be judged, not only by its hideous actions but also by
the company it keeps, Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, El Qaeda, all "giants of
democracy and human rights," all reviled by the democracies of the
world, which nevertheless combine in a knee jerk reaction to malign
Israel, when it eventually does what any other country would have done
ages ago.exercise its right of self defence and fulfill its obligations
to its beleaguered citizens.

Annie, unfortunately you too, whom I so admired, must ultimately
be judged by the company you keep.

Stanley Lipschitz



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