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Duma making the Israeli News finally big time! While in America we are busy going to Israel Parades and Concerts in Israel they are finally Breaking the Silence about the Horrendous Miscarriage of Justice in Duma. The Trial is June 11th this Monday. Let us not stop the Awareness and the Lobbying!

There is an awakening!  (to be updated iyh with a translation. meanwhile use automated translation) This news was just reported in Hebrew on  Kol beRama 88.7 heard in Brooklyn, NY today 1pm (8pm Israel time June 5, 2018)

Rabbis for Netanyahu and Shaked: Stop the Duma trial - and set up a commission of inquiry
In a letter sent by dozens of rabbis from religious Zionism to the prime minister and justice minister, it was claimed that the process should be stopped because the defendants were tortured in interrogations: "They demand the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry to examine these serious suspicions"

Apologize Now by Ruti Itzkowitz (H) 05.06.2018 (June 5, 2018) 
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My comments:

In the above article of July 2015, not even a day after it happened, here is an article with a list of Israeli elected Public officials who rushed to condemn the [Jewish] perpetrators,   I have yet to hear these same influential elected officials condemn the unknown arsonists in Duma for the other 5 or 6  times when Dawabshe family homes were set on fire.  Perhaps it was once again the clan feuds. But who cares when Arabs kill other Arabs?  Within 12 hours of this Duma arson,  before any time for a fair investigation, this impressive list of public elected officials rushed to condemn, all based on grafitti?  Very efficient!  Too efficient. It looks orchestrated. Who was behind this?    Many of us have been working months, days and nights to get some statements from politicians and Rabbis to  condemn forced confessions of the hilltop youth suspects, even after the Shabak admitted they were tortured,  with no real progress until recently,  and yet within 12 hours following the Duma arson,  the Media comes up with this very impressive cross the political spectrum, statements of condemnations against hilltop youth.  All  based their condemnations on faith and trust in the Defense Ministers accusations that this arson indeed had  been perpetrated by Jewish Terrorists [based on graffiti?.. my comments

Surely this rash of condemnations of influential leaders and politicians tainted any fair investigation and served to fuel the rigged one. 

What comes to mind is that this entire Duma affair was an attempt to frame hilltop youth from the Heads of State down,  in order to create a false impression and narrative of the existence of Jewish Terrorists.  This Duma affair was slander and a basically a blood libel on innocent Jewish kids.  Just listen to Meir Ettinger in his personal account of what happened. See A7 video below (H).. 

I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but  I am coming to the conclusion that  the Duma Affair was orchestrated together with the off "Yechi HaMelech" graffitti,  by a deep State in Israel.  It points to an organized campaign with Jewish Kapo Involvement to create the phenomenon of "Jewish terror" planting informants and moles and spies among the settlers and the hilltop youth.  An impressive list of credible influential Jewish leaders were enlisted to perpetuate the lie who trusted the Government administration and their narrative  and rushed to condemn before any impartial investigation took place. 

Suggestions as to How to Help Free the Jewish Duma Suspects as the best answer to the "Great March of Return" of the Palestinians.

Apologize NOW! by Ruti Itzkowitz
I asked for a soul [Photo: Yonot Zindel / Flash 90]

On the 11th of this month (June), a judge will be given a mini trial - whether to accept the confessions given under torture or not, the very demand of the State Attorney's Office on behalf of the GSS to accept the "confessions," indicates that in the opinion of every sane person that someone here is not in the best of  Mental health

▪ ▪ ▪

Two and a half ago I asked here for a caring soul, at least one, even on their own to address the horror of torture of ISA thugs who tortured two suspects Jews. Suspected of torching a Dawabsheh village of Duma, one minor was 16. I asked for a caring soul, a soul who can not let itself rest while the tortures were happening. There were none other than the Rabbi, Dr. Eliyahu Zinni, who at the beginning of the Duma affair rebuked Rabbis who wanted to visit the arson victims and to apologize... to apologize on behalf of whom, when nothing was known about the identity of the arsonists; Except for Rabbi Zinni, there was not one who stopped to ask, Who is their name ?! What do you know? When the torture became known, Rabbi Eli Sadan offered to "kiss the legs and arms of the GSS." Until a few days ago, the young men were abandoned, and no one stood up alongside them, someone like the writer Emil Zola in his fight for justice for the Jew Dreyfus. Dr. Zinni,The United States has been fighting for them for many months, the Chabad women led by Tamar Adelstein,  including Mrs. Robin Ticker and others, and the AFSI organization, headed by Ms. Helen Friedman. Will a redeemer finally come following these afflictions? 

On the 11th of this month (June), a judge will be given a mini trial - whether to accept the confessions given under torture or not. The very fact that the State Attorney's Office demanded that the GSS accept the "confessions," according to every sane person, indicates that someone here asking for such demands, is not in a proper state of mental health, Now the demand from the court is to recognize the confessions that were given not under torture, like the tortured confessors who were in their free hour in the yard, perhaps on their way to a friendly meeting with the police, who came to ask them to sign again, and this time to forget all  the  torture. Turn to all the GSS supporters , including the rabbi who called to kiss the arms and legs of the Shin Bet security, and of the entire list of Ministers, MKs and President and demand that they: "Apologize! Before this verdict, Apologize! Even if (in my opinion, based on very little) the GSS came to you cunningly, in their assessment of you as having an influence on the public under your authority, dripping lies about evidence, that there was no torture, and indeed they admitted that there was torture, and what torture!,  and of the interrogators  keeping respect for the tortured detainees , It's been a long time since then, and you're still silent ?! Apologize and demand real investigations.  Who lit the arson?. Not just another  rigged police investigation that found that another arson was caused by an electric short circuit in a house without electricity ... 

I dare say that if the condemnations had not been given by who's who, the State Prosecutor's Office would not be obligated now to  "bring charges" pushing for a conviction. For what is the life of two hilltop boys in front of the prestige of the former? So, Apologize! 

Moreover, it is important for the prosecution to make the decision in a small trial. After all, if her claim is not accepted, there will be no more trial and the detainees will be released, because there is no evidence against them other than their "confessions." The villagers' testimonies contradict each other and the indictment is filed against only one of the detainees. [actually the minor confessed but his facts were so off based that he was clueless,  that they couldn't use his confession, Robin, my comments], Will you say everything is  confidential? At least the contradictions are no longer confidential. There is a contradiction even in a statement to the media by then-defense minister Moshe Ya'alon: "We know who the murderers are in Duma, but we do not disclose in order not to reveal sources." What reliable source knew more than one murderer, when only one was indicted? Just because they do not want to reveal sources, let some murderer go around freely? ... 

Apologize. Apologize so long as the court has not made,  because of you or in spite of you, its decision. 

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Palestinians: A Story You Have Not Heard in the West
by Bassam Tawil
June 5, 2018 

My comments:
We can learn from everyone.  We need to learn from the Palestinians how to glorify the Jewish Hilltop Youth who are clearly not terrorist youth but rather cultivated lovers of Zion,  from the way the Palestinians glorify the real mcCoy, their own cultivated terrorist youth.

Robin Ticker

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