Sunday, June 10, 2018

Rabbis, Urge Citizens to Protest Destruction of Netiv Haavot in Gush Etzion slated for THIS TUESDAY, CHAS VESHOLOM! But Please, Not Another Kfar Maimon!


Shalom, Shavu'a Tov,
     SAVE NETIV HA'AVOT? Unfortunately, I can predict that this campaign to Save Netiv Ha'avot won't work. 

Please encourage Rabbanim to Urge  Everyone to Protest the Destruction of Netiv HaAvot but not like they did at Kfar Maimon prior to the destruction of 22 Gush Katif communities.

Parashath Shlach. Miraglim. Netiv HaAvot. Kfar Maimon Deja Vu? LeChabek (To Hug) the Future Homeless Families of Netiv HaAvot and to offer support, encouragement and assistance  VS Fighting to Prevent the Demolitions.

Write Protest Letter to PM! 

English Contact Page of the Prime Minister:

About Netiv HaAvot

Tell the PM to ignore the BaGatz (The Israel Supreme Court)
- Their ruling must be overridden!

Contact the PM: Tel 011-972-3-610-9898, Fax 011-972-2-560-5000, Twitter @Netanyahu 

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