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AFSI URGENT ACTION ALERT! SAVE NETIV HAAVOT!!! Write Protest Letter to PM re; Netiv HaAvot!!! June 7, 2018


TO WRITE IMMEDIATELY - OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THOUSANDS OF EMAILS COULD MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.!!!!!!!!! Make believe that it was your home!  Kol Yisroel Areivim. Let's not share in their pain but prevent their pain!

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Tell the Prime Minister to ignore the BeGatz The Israel Supreme Court. Their ruling must be overridden!  

Thursday - June 7, 2018
Save Netiv HaAvot Houses From Being Destroyed

Call or write to the Prime Minister. Phone numbers and a corrected link to message the Prime Minister's Office via their website are below.

Everything has to do with how much pressure is placed on the PMO - Prime Minister's Office - in the next few days, from people around the country and around the world, not from the people in Judea.
Everyone has at least 10 friends or relatives who were to bombard Bibi's office with a simple request: Ignore the Bagatz. It does not make sense to destroy a community because of a 15 meter housing infraction.
If 1,000 people call the PMO four times a day with this message, in an assertive yet not abusive way, those 4,000 calls will affect policy.

Phone: 011-972-3-610-9898 | Fax: 011-972-2-560-5000

Twitter: @Netanyahu
Enemies from Without and Within - Great Dangers to Israel
South Tel Aviv Riots Continue

AFSI has been to south Tel Aviv many times, most recently this past April when we met with May Golan, tireless crusader to save the community from the Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators and destroyers. Since these illegals now have loud defenders in the Israeli and world community, they continue to act brazenly against the Israelis, knowing they will get away with it. AFSI lends its full support to May Golan and her comrades. The government MUST control the situation.

Southern Tel Aviv has been described as "hell" due to the government's failure to deal with ongoing violent rioting by the infiltrators.

The photo here shows glass broken on a bus during Tel Aviv riots. More HERE.
Why Won't the IDF Stop the Kites Before They're Launched? 

It appears that the army can see the Arabs preparing their kites on the Gaza side of the border, with the intention to BURN ISRAEL and the JEWS. Why aren't they stopped before the kites are launched, and before they can start the horrible fires that do so much damage to the crops of Israeli farmers and to the valuable trees, so lovingly planted in Israel?

David Bedein shares his ​unedited May 30, 2018 footage of ​Gaza's incendiary kite flyers who dispatch kite bombs to cause havoc in Israel. Why does the IDF not attack them? 
طائرات اسرائيلية
Terrorism is Not Art

Tragically, Israel must confront enemies from without and from within. The IDF, b'ezrat haShem, is able to defeat Israel's exterior enemies, but the ones from within survive and thrive. Why should a situation like the one described below continue to be tolerated?

The Bezalel Academy of Art is showing an exhibit that mourns known terrorists along with a swastika spray painted on a wall in the Academy.

It seems this institution has lost all sense of reality. Are they forgetting something?

Read Dov Trachtman's Arutz Sheva OpEd HERE.
Supporting UNRWA = Perverse Logic

When UNRWA's principal donors meet in Amman in June,rumor has it that discussion of the agency's future will be on the table.

For a long time now we know that UNRWA is not a solution, but rather, a part of a very large problem. Slowly coming to the forefront is the revelation that the schoolbooks are filled with instruction on hatred for Israel and joy for its demise. Countries that have provided funding for UNRWA might just be starting to see the light. Let's hope it's not too much longer until they come out of the darkness and put a stop to funding this perverse organization.

AFSI acknowledges our friend, David Bedein, for his tireless, single handed work, in exposing the UNRWA problem.
Israel Assisting Guatemala

Israel is a friend indeed to a friend in need.

PM Netanyahu, after speaking with Guatemala's president, is preparing teams from Israel to assist in the recovery effort following a devastating volcano there.

Israel's ZAKA Search and Rescue has already sent 45 volunteers to Guatemala.
Israeli Flag Breaks
Guinness World Record

The cookie, that is.

This past Sunday, Congregation Beth Jacob in Atlanta, Georgia broke the Guinness World Record for the largest cookie mosaic, by building an enormous Israeli flag! 

Roughly 117,000 blue-and-white cookies were used to assemble an Israeli flag that was more than 3,200 square feet. Proceeds of the sale of the cookies will support Israeli charities.

Story HERE. Video of constructing the cookie below.
Celebrate Israel's 70th Birthday!
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Thursday - June 21, 2018 @ 6:30 PM
An Article of Hope - Jews in Space: Members of the Tribe in Orbit
When Ilan Ramon boarded the Space Shuttle Columbia, he made history as the first Israeli astronaut and a member of the most diverse crew in shuttle history. Film Screening and Q&A with the Director Dan Cohen. More info HERE. $10 Admission per person | $5 for YIVO/CJH members, seniors, students. Purchase tickets on or call 212-868-4444.
Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street, NYC (between 5th & 6th Avenues)
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Helen Freedman | Co-Executive Director
Judith Freedman Kadish | Co-Executive Director |
P. 212-828-2424 | F. 212-828-4538


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