Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Destruction of Netiv Ha'Avot Could Have Been Prevented by a Single Order of the Prime Minister


Updated June 12
Title updated June 14

Eviction at Netiv HaAVot. Where is the IDF/ Police restraint against the Jewish Youth Dissenters? These kids are not giving up without a fight. Unarmed against a force much more powerful than them. Once again we let them down and it's now on their shoulders to fight this on their own. They don't know about backroom deals and negotiations. All they know is that the Land of Israel belongs to Am Yisroel.
To Hug the Settlers during and after the Demolitions? OR To Prevent and STOP the Demolitions!

Evacuation from Netiv HaAvot (live streaming videos and photos) Jewish Press.com June 12, 2018

Netiv Ha'Avot Yeshacide: The Treachery of the Yesha Council by David Bedein

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