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Suggestions as to How to Help Free the Jewish Duma Suspects as the best answer to the "Great March of Return" of the Palestinians.


Suggested Plan of Action on Behalf of Incarcerated Jewish Hilltop Youth. 

End the Slander Campaign and Start the Validation Campaign!

  • Expose the unjustified torture of Elisha Odess and Amiram ben Uliel and collusion of Shabak, the Israel Supreme Court, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defense, COGAT and premature condemnation of public officials including the Prime Minister, the President, the Defense Minister, Ministers, Chavrei Knesset and Roshei Yeshivot. Let us continue publishing articles, and forwarding articles and translating articles in the media on the Duma affair....Yasher Koach on all the efforts so far!  Surely they have been very helpful. 
  • Demand that all those involved in spreading the Slander, admit wrongdoing. Contact the parties who rushed to condemn to retract their condemnation. This starts from the very top down... Yasher Koach on all the efforts so far. May we begin to see some admissions of wrongdoing. 
  • Lobby to stop the investigation because there is and has been no admissible evidence. If the judge stops the investigation on June 11th, because there is no admissible evidence, the suspects will hopefully be set free as there is no basis for a trial. However, will they continue to be held under administrative detention for being ticking time bombs? For those of you who have called these youth "murderers" know that there were no live witnesses nor any forensic evidence to speak of.  What then is the basis of the false accusations and name calling?  Most people understand why the court should not accept  confessions  made under torture.  This should apply to confessions before, during and after torture with a threat of torture looming. Let us apply political pressure on the Prime Minister and President who have the power to grant amnesty and pardon. Al achat kama vekama, how much more so for someone who doesn't even have a conviction and no admissible evidence. The Duma suspects, some minors were denied basic human rights,  denied access to an attorney during the interrogation process and denied basic human rights in prison, including the right to practice religion, the right to pray with a Minyan, to have a Seder and be in a Torah Division. These are basic human rights of other Jewish prisoners. There has been a terrible procrastination of justice as  there has been no trial and  no evidence of wrongdoing  to speak of. This after being incarcerated for over 2 years. 
  • Let us put out positive PR on Hilltop Youth! We can learn from the Palestinians how they glorify their terrorist youth after indoctrinating them and cultivating a terror mindset.  Of course not to teach and spread Terror because the hilltop youth do not do that.   Publicize the teachings of Meir Kahana obm hyd, his son Binyamin Kahane obm hyd and his grandson Meir Ettinger in a positive light. It is clear that they are not Jewish Terrorists nor Ticking Time Bombs. 
  • Undo the unfair demoralization  and demonization of the Hilltop Youth.  Start making amends by validating the message of the Hilltop Youth. Their message is consistent with Torah and the Marienbad Resolution of 1937 of Moetzet Gedolei HaTorah. Let us accumulate Public Statements of Rabbanim to any or all of the following:
    • Judea and Samaria are the eternal entitlement of Israel and the Jewish People as per the Covenant with Hashem with Our forefathers and the people of Israel. Any decision to give away any part of Eretz Yisroel is null and void.
    •  A revamping of the Judicial System so as to be consistent with our Jewish Heritage rather than a Supreme Court of Israel intent on putting out rulings that defy Torah. Let Israel be governed by Jewish Courts of Law and expose all the saboteurs who will try very hard to portray a Jewish Court of law as extremist no different than Sharia Law! 
    •  Apply Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria as per Levy Report. One set of laws for all. Normalization
  • End Israel's Jewish Terrorist Law a Terror Knesset designation of Kach and Kahana from 1994. Lobby the Knesset and appropriate committees. End the US Dept. of State Designation of Kahana Chai or Kach as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Publication 65479 designates many affiliated organizations to Kahane asTerror groups. https://www.state.gov/documents/organization/65479.pdf pages 204 and 205. As of 10/8/1997 Kahana Chai (Kach) was listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization   . https://www.state.gov/j/ct/rls/other/des/123085.htm https://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/18/us/18kahane.html
  • Lobby the Israeli political scene to abolish Division of Jewish Terror in Shabak! This requires the prerequisite removal of Knesset designation of Kahana associated groups as Terror organizations. 

In addition! Demand quid pro quo

How can one compensate for taking away years of a kid's life not to mention the torture etc? Let's come up with recommendations....

The Govt of Israel should take responsibility, apologize and compensate for pain and suffering, bringing false charges and false witnesses and false evidence, wrongful incarceration, child abuse, denial of human rights, ruining the reputation of beautiful hilltop youth and the reputation of family and community, lying, torture, kidnapping, creating PTSD etc...need we go on?

 Please continue to daven and let us look forward to a day soon of celebration and freedom for Elisha  Chaim ben Naama Leah and Amiram ben Nurit and for all the Hilltop Youth! This is the best answer to the Palestinians "Great March of Return"! 


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