Thursday, April 20, 2017

Time to overhaul the G-dless Isael Supreme Court. We need the Voice of Torah. What Justification to the Rabbi's have to be Silent? Hoshiva Shofteinu KevaRishona! Uphold the Marienbad Resolution


9th Day in the Omer Gevura SheBiGevura: Time to act with Strength for Hashem and His H-ly Torah!

Supreme Court okays Sabbath desecration in Tel Aviv
The Supreme Court approves the Tel Aviv by-law allowing the opening of 160 supermarkets and kiosks on Shabbat.

March 1, 2017
Ofra evacuation completed -... Anavim Anavim...Where are Your Voices?

January 25, 2017
Jewish Sanhedrin instead of a Judicial Overreach BaGatz - Israel Supreme Court. Open Letter by Shmuel Koenig

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