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Have We Forgotten the Yezidis? Al Chait..... Why have I been Silent....Anyone out there listening. Maybe it's still not to late to do something! Thank you Renana Gemeiner and Pamele Geller for Raising Consciousness!


Every Passover we remember how we were slaves in Egypt.  In 2017 it is the Yezidi women who are enslaved.  Renanah Gemeiner sent out yet another cry for help a few weeks ago emailed March 31, 2017. I should have sent this out then...Today I received an email from Pamele Geller....
SOS last night  from Yezidi Slave Girl in Mosul Hell to Brampton Yezidi Chairman!
One girl in Mosul was able to grab her captor's  cell phone for moments without his knowledge. She called one of her siblings who had not been slaughtered or enslaved and this sister told Yezidi Chairman Sheik Mirza Ismail in Brampton last night. The situation for Yezidi girls, enslaved in the Islamist Genocide of their People – begun in 2014.
Till recently all the Yezidi slave girls were kept together in large groups. There were an estimated 1000! But lately.with the Coalition forces closing in on Mosul - the slaves – used mostly for sex- have been spread out - so that one slave girl is sent to "live" with one ISIS family! 
The girl who was able to speak on the phone said, now they are not together and they don't know who has survived, what each girl is being used for in addition to the slavery they suffer each day.  
And I, co-founder of Canadian Jews and Friends for Yezidis wonder, shaking as I hear these words from Mosul - Are they separated so that each family can use them as their own personal human shield - to put the non-Muslim Yezidi girl her in front of their own Muslim children and dare the Coalition forces to shoot?   And if the Coalition Iraqi or Kurdish soldiers do shoot and kill the Yezdi girl while the ISIS family shoots back, or runs away - the western world will not care about the dead Yezidi slave girl. - ISIS knows, the Iraqi soldiers know,  the Kurds know and  the Americans know One or a thousand dead Yezidi girls – it matters to NO ONE! NO COALTION SOLDIER WILL BE PUNISHED FOR KILLING YEZIDI SLAVE GIRLS!  
And does our own government care?  Trudeau claims to be bringing 1200 Yezidis to Canada   But the small print says that the Yezidis will comprise some undisclosed number among 1200.  After bringing 40,000 Syrians – mostly Muslims to Canada – our government is bringing only 1200 from non-Muslim groups!  And from the Yezidis–  undergoing GENOICDE as you read this today- our Canadian government is bringing only a portion of 12, 000 – the number of which they will not even disclose!?
The Yezidi slave in Mosul who may have been raped a dozen times by the father, sons and cousins of her Islamist famil, who may have been killed by being strapped with explosives to harm the Coalition forces - is MY DAUGHTER!  
Contact PM Trudeau today and demand that Canada have as a priority the rescue of the 3500 4000 Yezidi girls enslaved  in Mosul and throughout the Muslim World today!
Renanah Gemeiner
Co-founder of Canadian Jews and Friends for Yezidis

Renana asks in her letter why the Canadian Government is not doing more to bring in Yezidi refugees.  We must ask the same from the Trump Administration. This is a no brainer.  Yezidis and all those who have been victims of Islamic atrocities must get priority before any other migrant.  

Now that the USA are targeting ISIS let there be a rescue plan for all the Yezidi Slaves so that as ISIS is being targeted, attempts to rescue Yezidi women is taken into account without compromising the operation. In Auschwitz, Jews were praying that the train tracks be bombed even if it meant that they were caught in the crossfire. At least it meant that there was some chance at liberation. Yet this having been said, there must be some well thought out rescue plan for the Yezidi women enslaved....

 If someone is selling the Yezidi slaves via an app as Pamele Geller writes, then there is a way to find them.  If there is a will there is a way.  How can it be that in 2017, there are still 3500-4000 Yezidi women still enslaved since 2014 as Renanah writes?   Maybe this Pesach,  following the US MOAB attack on ISIS some Yezidi women were liberated,  just like my mother in law was liberated on Passover 1945, 72 years ago.  

Please let us call the White House, send letters, put on social media and raise public awareness of the Yezidi enslavement so that the military and those who are courageously involved in fighting and decimating ISIS use their collective brain power to incorporate saving the Yezidi women into the military operation. 

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Desperate families track loved ones on a jihadist app designed to deal in people.
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ISIS taunts Yazidi whose wife and sister are slaves - Geller Report
Desperate families track loved ones on a jihadist app designed to deal in people.

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