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Fwd: UNRWA counterattack -the response by David Bedein. Hamas employees not dismissed, Using same textbooks, Still no transparency....

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April 13, 2017

Latest development with... UNRWA counterattack, which was expected.

UNRWA claims to have dismissed major Hamas employees. That has not happened.

UNRWA claims to have instituted new text books. That has not happened.

UNRWA has claims to have introduced new standards of transparency. That has not happened.

What has happened is that whatever PR film they are using has made effective headway in convincing the conservative wing of Israeli public opinion to convey the convincing impression that these three major reforms have taken place in UNRWA.

What we would like to do is to produce a new hard hitting short film that will rely on hands on interviews with Arab sources to refute & expose these three claims.

We have access to UNRWA leaders fired by UNRWA who returned to the UNRWA payroll.

We have access to current UNRWA school books being used and we can show that the UNRWA proposals for new books will not be implemented.

We have access to sources which show new standards of transparency not being implemented in UNRWA.

Anyone interested in a funding proposal?

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