Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fwd: Fighting EVIL Here is Pres. Trump's speech today at Holocaust Remembrance Event at the US Capitol Fabulous!!!!! Rena Ariel who lost her daughter Hallel Yaffa hy"d at YI of Woodmere as well spoke of the necessity to fight EVIL


President Trump's Speech at Holocaust Memorial Remembrance Event @ US Capitol 4/25/2017 


This speech was beautiful.  I hear the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe coming through loud and clear.

Truth vs. Darkness in the United Nations
By Benjamin Netanyahu

Bible Codes Reveal Trump's Biblical Role in Defeating Israel's Ancient Enemy [VIDEO]

Yesterday in the YI of Woodmere, Rena Ariel spoke of the 17 year old terrorist who was brought up on the milk of Hamas nurturing him and others with hate from a very young age.  This has to stop!  When asked how to respond to the horrific terror she personally experienced in her life her answer is different to kids and to adults. To kids, who are still too young to fight evil she says engage in acts of kindness etc. but to the adults she says we must search out and confront the evil and act to eliminate it. 

President Trump is doing just that bli ayin hara and may he go from strength to strength.  This is the latest set of Sanctions on Terrorists.  Trump has put into place Sanctions to weaken Hizbollah and Iran.  Today I read of a new set of sanctions... 

U.S. announces 'sweeping' sanctions on Syrian scientists for chemical attack


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