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Biblical Claim to the Land of Israel, When Silence is a Sin. Open Letter to Rabbinic and Jewish Leadership


Bible 001: Biblical Claim to the Land of Israel
Now that President Trump has put in an Executive Order to allow the expression of religion without fear of punitive financial repercussions from the IRS, it is an opportune time for organizations to speak out strongly as per Israel's right to Eretz Yisroel.
We believe doing so will prevent terrible foreign policy probably made with the best of intentions.
We are not asking the Rabbonim to tell President Trump what to do.  Simply to educate and tell the fundamentals Truths of Torah which we will elaborate upon shortly in the sea of lies.
It is apparent that there is an ignorance, not at all malicious, in the Executive Office in the Trump Administration that might G-d Forbid, Chas Vechalila lead to very dangerous policy that endangers not only Am Yisroel, the Nation of Israel, but endangers World Peace This can be prevented with a little education at this very point in time.  We are therefore pleading with you to take a few minutes to read these pages and may Hashem bless you in kind.
The following is no Chiddush, no revelation, for those who grew up educated with Torah. President Trump and his team are currently advocating for a Peaceful Solution attempting to negotiate with Israel and Abbas and with moderate Arabs in the region, like President Sisi of Egypt and the King of Jordan who have working relations with Israel and recognize Israel's right to exist. The goal of the negotiation is apparently for the Arabs living in Judea and Samaria to be under the Jordanians as per Bolton's proposal (updated June 2017 as per his address in the King David) or perhaps an independent entity which formally recognizes Israel which ensures Israel's security. The point is that Israel should not be endangered by a hostile Arab/Palestinian State.

Most worrisome are recent meetings with Abbas and Trump with Abbas being welcomed in the White House as a potential "Peace Partner" with Israel and scheduled meetings in Jerusalem and with the Pope who has acknowledged a "State of Palestine".

Pope Francis Meets Mahmoud Abbas, Head of Palestinian Authority, Ahead of Talks In 2014, during his visit to Israel and the "State of Palestine" — as described in the itinerary published by the Holy See — Francis defended the Palestinians' right to a "sovereign and independent" homeland.
The biggest problem is that Abbas is operating under the rules of Taqiyya, Deception. Even if we negotiate with partners who do not engage in Taqiyya, this solution is very problematic!
For one not grounded in Torah this goal of "Peace" is indeed lofty. However, at its very foundation, it is flawed. This deal would nullify Torah which we as guardians of Torah must clarify.  We know in advance that this current goal is doomed to failure. Would we not be held accountable in a Heavenly Court for not having attempted our very best to at least educate and provide testimony to prevent a near certain catastrophe both for Jew and non-Jew alike?
Biblical Lesson re: Jewish Claim to Eretz Yisroel:
Let us begin with our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  
Abraham had 2 sons. Ishmael and Isaac. G-d promised Abraham that his son Ishmael from Hagar was to grow to be a great Nation and in fact he did and the descendants of Ishmael today are powerful and many.  However the inheritance of Abraham went to his son Isaac, the son of Sarah exclusively as is stated in the Bible. It did not go to Ishmael as is falsely claimed by the Arabs thereby refuting their false claim of Israel's Occupation of Palestinian Land.  Isaac had 2 sons. Eisav and Jacob.  Eisav sold his birthright to Jacob. Jacob had 12 sons who became the 12 Tribes of Israel. Israel is another name given to Jacob. We the Nation of Israel are all descendants of Jacob, and the 12 Tribes and his 4 wives Leah, Rachel, Bilha and Zilpa.  The Land of Israel whose boundaries are delineated, are Promised exclusively to the Nation of Israel the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Originally the boundaries extended to the Euphrates as was the Covenant with our Forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as delineated in the Bris Bein HaBesarim.
Before entering the Land of Israel, the boundaries are again delineated in Parshat Masei. It is a reduced territory but encompasses much of Israel today, including Judea and Samaria and parts of Lebanon.  It was reduced following the Sin of the Spies.  This area to be conquered was divided among the 12 Tribes of Israel as per lots. Joshua and the Nation of Israel entered the Land of Israel and together they conquered the Land and it was divided according to Divine designation.
The Nation of Israel as per their part of the Covenant have special obligations, commandments to keep in the Land of Israel. Leket, Shichcha Peah, Shemittah to name some…
Keeping the commandments ensures that there will be peace in the Land.
After the period of the Judges, the Prophet Samuel, and the anointing of King Saul and the anointing of King David by the Prophet Samuel, the Temple was built by King David's son, King Solomon. The Temple, the Beit Hamikdash, was known as the House of David, after King David, Solomon's father. Following the reign of King Solomon the Kingdom Split into the Israelite Kingdom and the Judean Kingdom. Before the destruction of the 1st Temple, the Israelite Kingdom and 10 of the Tribes of Israel were exiled.  They were lost among the nations. The Judean kingdom, consisting of the Tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Benjamin as well as members of the Levite Tribe who were dispersed throughout the Land, remained in the H-ly Land.  Their exile came with the Destruction of the First Temple. The Jews of today are direct descendants of the Judean Kingdom. The Inheritance of the Tribe of Judah and the Tribe of Benjamin is situated in the territory known today as Judea and Samaria. This territory encompasses the Judean Hills, Temple Mount, East and West Jerusalem, Mateh Binyamin in Southern Samaria and Mateh Efraim in Northern Samaria. Interestingly, Samaria has their biggest protectors today coming from Evangelicals, Notzrim.  The word Notzrim was originally used in Tanach with the meaning of Protectors and not Christianity.  (Some scholars believe that embedded among Christians are those from the Tribe of Efraim who were exiled and migrated via Britain hundreds of years prior to the rise of Christianity.)
The Land belongs to G-d as it says Ki LI Kol Haaretz. This truth is practically demonstrated when we keep the Mitzvah of Shemittah as we return the Land to the Creator of the Earth and do not till or toil the Land once every 7 years.
It does not belong to the Prime Minister of Israel nor to the President of the United States no matter how benevolent or wonderful they are. It is not theirs to negotiate away.  It belongs to G-d.
It is the Heritage of Israel alone. The Jubilee Year, Yovel represents Freedom and the return of property to their ancestral owners. We pray for the time when we know who belongs to which Tribe to once again claim their rightful inheritance. We do know without a shadow of a doubt that the entire Israel belongs to the descendants of the Tribes of Israel.  Tel Aviv located in Gush Dan, is the Territory of the Tribe of Dan.
Why then is our claim to Tel Aviv or Bnei Brak stronger than our claim to Hebron? The opposite is true since Jews of today are by enlarge direct descendants of the Tribe of Judah not the Tribe of Dan. If we have no claim to Hebron than surely we have no claim to Tel Aviv.  Jews of today are literally indigenous to the territory of Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem.
In addition, will the Palestinians keep the commandments that will bring H-liness to the Land?  
Even on Temple Mount there were boundaries. From least H-ly to most H-ly. These areas include the Israelite Camp, the Levite Camp, the Priestly Camp and the H-ly of H-lies.  Each camp was well guarded and it was dangerous to overstep the boundaries of the camp to the point of death.  Guards were put in place for the protection of those who might overstep their boundaries. Today as well Jews refrain from ascending the forbidden areas.
It is actually dangerous for those who are unworthy or of the wrong lineage to trespass into forbidden territory.  This is not a racist concept. It is Divine Will and for our own good and protection.  Using the same logic, we should educate the Nations of the world that it is only to their benefit that Jews occupy their Biblical Homeland.  To do otherwise can bring upon them great tragedy.
Jews are a Kingdom of Priests. The High Priest and the Priests had obligations that came with their elevated status among the people. The High Priest wore the names of the Tribes literally on his chest on his shoulders. Their elevated spiritual level was a responsibility so much so that if any Jew accidentally killed a fellow Jew, the High Priest shared responsibility. It should never have happened on his watch.
Israel is the light unto the Nations.  The spiritual level of the world is connected to Israel being the proper moral compass.
To live in the H-lyland, residents of the Land of Israel must accept the Sovereignty of Israel and abide by the 7 Noahide Laws as do all civilized nations. They are then entitled and Israel must provide for their civil rights which will grant them health, education and economic prosperity with G-d's help.  
If they do not agree to these conditions of being loyal to Israel and adhering to the 7 Noahide laws, they cannot remain on the Land and they must leave or be removed. The Book of Judges is replete of stories of the subjugation of Israel under foreign occupation because of their failure to remove the rotten, idolatrous elements prevalent in the society.  Judges came and went and the spiritual level of the Israelites was in proportion to their willingness to keep the bad elements out.
Another example. When the Tabernacle was captured by the Philistines it was to their detriment as it caused a plague.  When the H-lyland, the Land of Israel, is in the wrong hands it does not produce for the inhabitants and is desolate. Only when Jews return to their ancestral homeland does the Land of Israel produce and flourish. In fact we can see from Gaza, following the expulsion of Gush Katif, that rather than a booming Palestinian economy, in spite of receiving the hot houses, there now exists a Hamas enclave which continuously threatens Southern Israel and is hostile to its own people.  Hamas is in violation of basic universal morality, engaging in acts of terror against their own and against Israel and use their civilian population, among them women and children, to be human shields and suicide bombers.
Jihad education currently under the auspices of the United Nations, and prevalent throughout the 22 Arab countries surrounding Israel consist of educating violent jihad; which is the justification of engaging in terror attacks against Israel and economic jihad; which is justification of the promotion of BDS. If neither is possible, the third kind of Jihad is recommended which is to lend support to the other 2 kinds of Jihad.   This hate education leads to the opposite of peace in the area.
The only way to ensure true peace is written up in the Torah. This means accepting Sovereignty of Israel and establishing a righteous Jewish Court, adhering to the Biblical commandments pertaining to the Land and enforcing the 7 Noahide Laws, the laws of Universal Morality.
Alternatively, we are assured curses, like the implementation of the Jihad education which we so foolishly didn't and don't obstruct. Curses are the natural progression of annulling the Torah. In a heavenly court will we be ashamed for having willingly lost the opportunity to keep the Laws dependent on the Land of Israel and giving away our Heritage, G-d's Gift to the Jewish Nation. We will be held accountable for not providing testimony as per the fallacy of allowing a foreign entity to be Sovereign in a portion of Our Biblical Heritage.  
Let us not follow in the footsteps of the generation of the desert who cried a needless cry of generations for accepting a false report of the Spies.  Why should we agree to the 2 State Solution being presented to us even by our own leaders who may have our best intentions in mind? Let the Rabbi's and Spiritual Leaders of our Times correct the Sin of the Spies and speak out with hope and Truth regarding our Biblical Heritage and prevent a very bad deal.
Only then will we be worthy of the Final Redemption!
Lichvod Vaad Roshei Yeshiva of Torah Umesorah
Presidium and Executive Board of Torah Umesorah:
Lichvod HaRav....

Speaking out for Torah is not politics. 

Until recently, speaking out for Torah was often conveniently perceived as a political statement and there were punitive actions taken against any such institution that engaged in "Politics" with the risk of losing their IRS tax exempt status.  Hopefully under the Trump Administration this is no longer the case.  
Trump Order Lets Religious Institutions Engage in Politics, Keep Tax Exemption

Please speak out for Torah and against a 2 state solution. 

There are times when Speech is necessary and when being silent is a sin.
Written by Robin Ticker whose inspiration comes from having lived in Kiryat Arba, embued with the spirit of Hebron and in collaboration with Shmuel Koenig who prides himself in being a direct descendant of Malchus Beis Dovid. Shmuel speaks daily with members of Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah and about reestablishing a righteous Supreme Court based on Torah rather than on a hodge podge of Secular British, Turkish and Israeli law.
We respectfully ask the Rabbis to educate and  publically speak out to claim our Biblical Heritage inclusive of Judea and Samaria to counter the lies about Israel's illegal Occupation of Palestinian Land.


Robin Ticker

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