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Fwd: Shalom, update on recent activities from Im Tirzu doing amazing work on Israel

Im Tirzu is at the forefront fighting BDS on Israel Campus and media. 

We see that Israel's enemies use College Campus and leftist Media like Haaretz as a platform for their brainwashing and propaganda to defame Jewish Settlement and glorify terrorism against Israel. Their audiences are often ignorant and believe the skewed and hate narrative that is biased against a Jewish Israel. These anti Israel forces suppress a pro Israel Narrative as they disrupted Mayor Barkat from speaking at Hebrew University. What an outrage!

The situation in the Negev whereby Beduins steal from the IDF with no repurcussions is outrageous as well. Apparently the leadership is the military have a political agenda that is skewing their better judgement.

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Shalom Friends,


With Pesach now behind us, I wanted to send a brief update on Im Tirtzu's most recent activities and developments.


At first glance, this update might appear to be a list of media items – but to me it is much more. This update captures IMTI's ability to maintain intense and ongoing pressure in a number of areas, all with one goal in mind: to defend the identity of Israel as a Zionist (Jewish and democratic) state.


Continued work with wounded IDF vets and reservists


Last week, Im Tirtzu was contacted by a group of wounded IDF veterans and reservists who were livid after learning of the city Tira's plan to create a "Nakba monument" in honor of the Palestinian Arabs who died fighting against the IDF during Israel's War of Independence.


Encouraged by our success on a similar matter several weeks ago (when we removed a street named after arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat), IMTI immediately brought the story to the media and social media and pushed it to the forefront of public discourse. At the same time, we sent a letter to Interior Minister Aryeh Deri who announced that the ministry will look into the matter. It is unthinkable for an Israeli city to erect a monument in commemoration of those who tried to destroy the State of Israel, and we will see to it that such a disgrace never occurs.


We believe that we will again succeed here.


Read more here: Walla News (Hebrew) 


Strengthening the voices of IDF reservists against theft from IDF bases


Last week, IMTI's Haifa branch coordinator Alon Malik returned from a stint in reserve duty and by his own initiative, started a petition of reservists calling on the IDF to act on the situation in the Negev where Bedouin steal IDF equipment from soldiers training in the field. While soldiers are in the middle of training, Bedouin approach them on ATVs and brazenly steal equipment (knowing full well that the IDF forbids soldiers to use force against them).


As of now the petition was signed by over 2,000 reservists (!) and Alon was interviewed by several radio stations, including IDF Radio (Galei Tzahal), Israel's most popular radio station. We will soon send the petition to the Chief of Staff and proceed from there.


Read more here: NRG News (Hebrew), IDF Radio (Hebrew), Radio Israel (Hebrew)


Radical Left and Arab students crash IMTI lecture featuring Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat


This past Wednesday, a number of radical anti-Zionist and Arab students hostilely disrupted a lecture from Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, given in the framework of IMTI's Seminars for ZionistThought at Hebrew University. The protesters shouted at the mayor using derogatory and offensive language, and refused to allow him to deliver his lecture.


Despite the rioters' intention, the results of their disruption were positive for both IMTI and Mayor Barkat. First and foremost, it exposed the true anti-democratic and ugly face of the radical anti-Zionists for everyone to see. In addition, our Hebrew U activists received a lot of support as did the movement as a whole (especially on social media). It also presented us with a good opportunity to talk more about IMTI's Seminars. The Mayor also received a lot of support.


It is important to note that this event was also a testament to the effectiveness of our Seminars. The program imparts Zionist knowledge to hundreds of students per semester, so much so that it changes the campus atmosphere and causes the anti-Zionists to view it as a threat.


Read more here: Israel National NewsAlgemeinerJerusalem Online News (Channel 2)


"Hachi Yisraeli" Video Contest


Im Tirtzu's exciting "Hachi Yisraeli" video contest is currently in the voting stage, where the participants are trying to rack up as many votes possible for their videos.


Check out all the video submissions here (many of which are truly amazing and touching).


Also, our "Hachi Yisraeli" video is continuing to spread throughout social media, and thus far has been viewed by over 300,000 people and shared by thousands more! The video was even translated into Spanish and was also shared by large organizations, including the World Jewish Congress and The Jewish Standard


We are very thankful to the sponsors of the contest who chose and enabled Im Tirtzu to run this great contest.

Removing government advertising in Haaretz


As is well known, Haaretz newspaper is a radical media outlet representing the anti-Zionist elite in Israel. But over Passover the newspaper sunk to a new low when it published an article saying that Israel's national religious community is worse than the terrorist organization Hezbollah.


In response, Im Tirtzu penned a letter to Culture Minister Miri Regev, who is in charge of the government's advertisements, to cease all government advertisement in the newspaper. Haaretz's anti-Israel hate has no business being funded by the Israeli taxpayer.


Read more hereChannel 20 (Hebrew)





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