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Re:Renanah Gemeiner and Buddy Macy respond with practical suggestions to: Have We Forgotten the Yezidis? Al Chait..... Why have I been Silent....Anyone out there listening that can help? Maybe it's still not to late to do something! Thank you Renana Gemeiner and Pamele Geller for Raising Consciousness!


Thank you so much!  Just like the Jews, the Yezidi enslavement happened around Tisha Baav in 2014. Maybe this Passover is the beginning of their Liberation and by the Holiday of Shavuot all the enslaved Yezidi women will be reunited with their loved ones and may G-d dress their wounds and heal them emotionally and physically from their bondage! Let us all continue to do what we can.  Renanah, contacting the UN seems like an excellent suggestion, and Buddy sending a letter to the Kushner Company is a great idea as well!  Let us all continue to have them in our prayers, for them to be redeemed with the help of the Almighty G-d as he freed the Israelite slaves in Egypt!

Yasher Koach Renana for carrying the torch and leading the way among us Jews following in the footsteps of Rabbi Weissmandl. 

Until the UN treats every human being equally, the UN fails in its mission to unite the world.  Please let's try to send around from all different countries.  A huge Post-Passover Plea.  The UN is supposed to behave like the court of the world and here something horrific is happening in broad daylight and not being opposed.

Renana, amv"sh Now that we in the United States have a true friend of Israel and a wonderful Ambassador to the UN, the wonderful and courageous Nikki Haley in the United Nations can anyone use their influence to bring the Yezidi plight to her attention so that she can finally address it in the UN? 

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Robin, I forwarded this critical email to President Trump, through the head of Jared Kushner's former company, Kushner Companies. Let's hope he forwards it to Jared, and that Jared sends it to his father-in-law. b

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Have we Forgotten the Yezidis? Hopefully it is not too late and their time for Liberation has arrived with our efforts!  


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