Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kol HaKavod To Trump! Making the World a Safer Place. Trump Turns the Screws on Iran's Mullahs - Reza Shafiee. Trump Administration once again enforcing Universal Morality.


Kol HaKavod! The LubavItcher Rebbe would be shepping Nachas! Hashem must be looking down with favor. Trump is making our world a safer place BH!

Recent serious  repurcussions against those who violate 7 Noahide Laws by targetting the worst offenders who arrogantly violate the 7 Noahide Laws..

- Bombing Syria Nuclear weapons so they will not be used against their own
- MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan
- Sanctions on those who conduct business with Hizbollah a designated terror organization, potentially affecting Lebanese banks etc. thereby putting a stop of the funding of terrorists.
- Addressing North Korea nuclear threats..Debka.. failures of recent North Korea  missile launches due to USA surveillance?
-Sanctions against Iran's human rights violations against its own people..please read article...May he and his administration go from strength to strength.
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