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Rena Ariel from Kiryat Arba Addresses Local Communities in Memory of Daughter Hallel Yaffa, Hy”d Kerem Hallel


Yasher Koach to Israel Activists Dr. Paul and Drora Brody for spreading the word and using their extensive Jewish media marketing skills to promote  Rena Ariel's and Elana's visit here in the USA. Thank you Dr. Moshe and Shoshana Helmus as well for posting on social media.  To all Jewish journalists and radio personalities please focus and report on Rena Ariel's message speaking to our souls to perpetuate the memory of  their daughter, Hallel Yaffa hy"d. The Spirit of Hebron which they bring with them coupled with the connection to Har HaBayit is the antidote to apathy in Chutz Learetz. Please encourage your readers and listeners to partner and engage by contributing to  Kerem Hallel. Supporting Yishuv Haaretz, by planting, building and establishing projects such as a playground  in Hallel Yaffa's memory hy"d are the best answer and response to such heinous acts of terror. 


Monday, July 04, 2016
Hallel Yaffa Ariel, Videos: Hespedim and Funeral, . Mother Rina, Father Amichai and Netanyahu Speak Out.

Rena Ariel Addresses Local Communities in Memory of Daughter Hallel Yaffa, Hy"d 

...Today, Monday, April 24, they will be at the HAFTR middle school in the morning, followed by a presentation at Shulamith School in the afternoon. For more information about their Woodmere appearance tonight at 8 p.m.,  859 Peninsula Blvd, Y.I. of Woodmere please contact

On Tuesday, April 25, they will speak at Lander College for Women from 1-2 p.m. At 4 p.m. they will be addressing the JCRC-NY, 225 West 34th Street, Suite 1607. That evening, they will be back in Teaneck to address the joint sisterhoods of Congregations Beth Abraham and B'nai Yeshurun at Beth Abraham at 8:30 p.m.

...Spreading the story of their young daughter's martyrdom gives Rena and Amichai Ariel tremendous measures of comfort as they fortify their own emuna along with their audience's. That was the purpose of their trip to the U.S. last September, which included a Teaneck presentation at Congregation Beth Aaron.
Rena Ariel has decided to visit additional Jewish communities in the Metropolitan area this April, once again accompanied by Elana Abelow-Kronenberg of Efrat. Abelow-Kronenberg, a proud mother of seven, first met the Ariels when she paid a shiva call to their home in Kiryat Arba. Her compassion for their grief knew no bounds and, with the kind assistance of her husband who agreed to "hold down the fort," she came to America with the Ariels to help spread their message.
The Ariel family invites the American Jewish community to partner with them in perpetuating the memory of their beloved Hallel Yaffa, Hy''d, by contributing to One Family/Kerem Hallel. To learn more about their projects and to arrange for additional U.S. appearances, please contact or
Facebook page of Elana-Abelow-Kronenberg

Rena Ariel , "To rise up from her ashes and to continue in Hallel's way, we are planning to build, with God's help, Kerem Hallel—Hallel's Vineyard—an educational center adjacent to our home. The center will invite visitors to come and hear Hallel's story, to visit the vineyards and family winery where she worked, and to support all of those who are settling the Land of Israel on a daily basis. In addition, as part of Kerem Hallel, we are also building Gan Hallel—Hallel's Garden—which will provide playground equipment for the school Hallel attended and where her sister currently attends. It is a small school that has experienced a great deal of terror. Through our efforts, we hope to revitalize it and give its students chizuk."

Please visit Kerem Hallel כרם הַלֵּל Ariel Family Winery to be connected to this very special family and be a partner in their H-ly work. 


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