Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Middle East and Terrorism: Ofra evacuation completed - Arutz Sheva Staff


Time for an overhaul of a G-dless Supreme Court whose rulings to demolish Jewish Homes in the "name of the law" rivals with the S'dom Courts...  

Where are the voices of all those engaged in Talmudic Study at this blatant violation of so many Mitzvoth both Dorayta and DeRabbanon. As a woman it is mind boggling! Are we insulated in a Kedusha Bubble like the Miraglim who caused BeChiya Le Dorot?

Time for women to raise our voices to strongly object to this violation of basic decency and human rights.

It doesnt take a Talmudic Scholar to see that these actions to demolish the beautiful homes of precious Jewish families is a tremendous sin and terrible Chillul Hashem.

Hashem Yishmor! 

Pointless is an understatement! Unless you are Israel's enemy...
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