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Fwd: Mattot Arim Build in all of Judea and Samaria not just in small settlement blocs a fraction of the area. Women in Green: Lieberman is mistaken & misleading ליברמן טועה ומטעה Don't put the blame on Trump Administration!


My comments:

Trump was elected because of a strong Evangelical Vote who reads the Bible!   His closest inner circle were definitely Pro Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria.....His message prior to being elected is that they would not object to Israel applying Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria a One State Solution. After all, there are 22 Arab States. We don't need another Arab State that is Judenrein...   Does Israel need to be surrounded by the Hamas State of Gaza, the Fatah State of Palestine and Hizbollah State in Lebanon in addition to all her other Arab neighbors?...that was the message of new Republican Platform under Trump which eliminated the Two State Solution paragraphs of the previous Republican platforms. This new platform was widely accepted and received a standing ovation. 

Why then have they changed their tune now that Trump got into office.

Perhaps the GOI (Government of Israel) is to blame... convincing the Trump Administration otherwise?   It sure looks that way to me.  It seems to me that the weakness is coming from weak hearted Jews rather than from the Trump Administration and my conjecture is to check the money trail since they are acting  with their recent policies like they are blind and stupid and it says Shochad maaVer Pikchim. Bribery blinds the wise. ...

Lev Melachim Beyad Hashem. The heart of the King is in the hand of Hashem.  Trump's administration and Hamas are merely the messengers of HaSHEM.   Let us look inward... 

Are We Jews Worthy of our Land?  Have we sufficiently yearned to settle our Promised Land, the Land of Israel knowing full well that Judea and Samaria are Derech HaAvot, the Path of our Forefathers, the heartland of Israel, clearly within the delineated Biblical borders?  Are we sincerely yearning for a Righteous Jewish Court of Law based on Torah as we pray for each and every day and are we yearning for the return of the Temple?  

Trumps victory was miraculously in our favor.  Will we blow it with the likes of Netanyahu and  Lieberman calling the shots while they are being manipulated with political forces that are not in Israel's best interests ?

Why can't the Resolution of Marianbad in 1937 be the cry coming from the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah of Today?

I sadly see a multi faceted assault against settlement in Judea and Samari. In spite of the pro settlement rhetoric by the government of Israel...
  •  I see the weakening the resolve of the IDF as a result of Public condemnation prior to investigation of soldier Alon Azarya and an 18 month sentence of manslaughter for neutralizing a known terrorist out to stab Israeli civilians and soldiers. Stupid and senseless and downright dangerous for the Israel Defense force.
  • I see the attempt to demoralize the salt of the earth, the Nationalist camp with the horrible and immoral destruction of beautiful homes in Amona and Ofra and slated destruction in Netiv Avot in Elazar.  Stupid, cruel and beyond senseless.
  • Mattot Arim, a most sensible and fair minded political watch Organization is now warning us of what seems to be an agenda by Israel and her enemies to prevent expansion and  future Jewish Settlement in the  vast majority of territory in Judea and Samaria.  
  • Women in Green severely criticize Lieberman's opposition to application of Jewish Sovereignty and for wrongly misleading the public and placing the blame on the American Administration. 

Is Mattot Arim correct in sounding the alarm that  Netanyahu and Lieberman Administration will just allow new settlement in a fraction of Judea and Samaria setting the stage for a Palestinian State?

Mattot Arim writes:

The above yellow-blue map was presented by an Israeli territorial affairs official who serves Netanyahu and served Sharon, in an interview to CNN –
Why is Netanyahu afraid to build  in the big, yellow-marked part of Judea-Samaria? Why build only in the small, blue part – euphemistically termed "settlement blocs", these are actually mere crumbs of territory! In the CNN interview, the official points to the yellow  area and says it can all be … "Palestine"!
Netanyahu MUST be urged to withstand foreign pressure on Israel – and  approve building in the big, yellow part of Judea-Samaria. The Likud's most senior minister, Gilad Erdan, has said this clearly: there must be building "everywhere in Judea-Samaria, not just in settlement blocs".
The Knesset's Land of Israel Lobby have similarly blasted the lack of development of "communities excluded from the Left's settlement bloc plan" (i.e. "yellow" communities –there are dozens of them!)

Please send your own letter of objection to the Members of the Knesset!

Email addresses of Ministers and Knesset membersכתובות מייל של חברי הכנסת והשרים;;;;;;;;;; 

Women in Green: Minister Lieberman is Mistaken and Misleading!  

The heads of Women in Green have severe criticism for Minister Lieberman's words against the application of sovereignty and assert that he bases his position on misleading data, ignoring the changes in the Middle East and the American administration.

Women in Green responds with severity to the words this morning of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee against the vision of sovereignty.

"Minister Lieberman is mistaken and misleading when he says that the application of sovereignty would lead to a crisis with the American administration", say Katsover and Matar, and clarify: "We do not know who Minister Lieberman has been talking to, but from our sources, it is clear that the policy of the Trump administration has not changed. Only yesterday there was a delegation from Congress here, who came to arrange for the transfer of the embassy. Our sources in Congress continue to say that Israel must consolidate her policy positions and these will be honored by the American administration and the White House. The Trump administration does not intend to force any plan upon Israel".

"It must further be noted that for decades, relations between Israel and the United States were subject to disagreement over the Palestinian matter and the matter of Jerusalem, and nevertheless, the American administration continued to maintain good relations with Israel in light of the depth of American interests in the Middle East. The Palestinian matter is very low among American considerations. At the top of this list is the conflict with Iran, as well as dealing with Islamic terror and strengthening the pro-American regimes in the region. As a result", state the two women, "the application of sovereignty will not result in the crisis and conflict that Minister Lieberman is concerned about. The thought that Israel must place her security needs in the hands of the American president is unthinkable".

The heads of the movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, claim that Lieberman is also mistaken and misleading when he presents demographic data that does not reflect reality. While Minister Lieberman speaks of 2.7 million Arab Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, the actual data that has been validated by senior demographers is that there are 1.8 million Arab Palestinians, and this figure has been trending continually downward for the past twenty years along with the most rapid westernization of any other area.

Relating to Lieberman's claim, according to which, the cost of services that the Arab residents of Judea and Samaria would receive when sovereignty is applied, would amount to twenty billion shekels, Katsover and Matar say that "We must remember that the Land of Israel is worth more than twenty billion shekels. And moreover, Minister Lieberman knows well that the expenses in security would be ten times greater than this if there was, heaven forbid, a Palestinian state. The Oslo Accords cost Israel more than 933 billion shekels. We can only guess how much more a Palestinian state would cost us, G-d forbid. The price in blood, literally, would also be higher in the absence of an Israeli presence in the field, in the absence of intelligence, in a situation where a Palestinian terror state could flow in heavy munitions that would threaten the population centers and in a reality where a Palestinian terror state could form alliances with hostile armies and states.

Regarding Minister Lieberman's words about the conduct of the Border Police, the two comment that "with the government's policy of appeasement as an example, what do you want from the little soldier and policeman at the gate?"

Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

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