Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fwd: From David Bedein Center For Near East Policy. Our UNRWA briefing trip to DC

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Subject: Fwd: Our UNRWA briefing trip to DC
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Date: Thu, Mar 16, 2017 
Subject: Our UNRWA briefing trip to DC
​ and Ottawa​

We must present the truth about UNRWA to AIPAC, the US Congress, the new US Administration
​ and then...onto Ottawa.​

This is a
​timely ​
request to help
​us ​
​ind sponsors to f​
und our Israeli and Arab experts to fly to brief  AIPAC, the US Congress and the new US administration.

Our investigator, Col
(res.) Jonathan D. Halevi has prepared a solid, airtight report on the current takeover of UNRWA schools by HAMAS terrorists, while these schools are funded by US AID.
​That new report, which we are waitng to publish for the US Congress and the Canadian Parliament,  was commissioned by our center with a grant from the Toronto Zionist Council.


​uses a
$10 million public relations budget to conduct campaign
to deny

We need to present the truth to AIPAC, to the US Congress and to reps of the new US Administration.

​​Our director of research, Dr. Arnon Groiss, has prepared a new comprehensive report on all the textbooks the UNRWA curriculum. Background: UK and UNRWA Education for Peace: What will be? | Israel Behind the News

UNRWA spreads the word to all diplomatic missions that they teach textbooks of peace. 

The position of the State Department has not yet changed: that UNRWA teaches peace and reconciliation. 

We need to present th
truth to AIPAC, to the US Congress and to reps of the new US Administration.

​Dr. Ronni Shaked, one of the heads of the Truman Center for the Advancement of Peace at Hebrw University  and a former commander of the Shabak/GSS, has helped us produce a new, solid film, entitled THE LEGACY OF UNRWA,  on the current terror threat posed by UNRWA, whose prime funder is the US, to the tune of $400 million a year. 

We need to present this to AIPAC, to the US Congress and to reps of the new US Administration.
Yours truly has written a 573 page comprehensive primer on the PA, published this week, entitled THE GENESIS OF THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY, filled with easy-to read objective reports  on the PA for policy makers to read. 

At this time, at least 28 influential organizations receive funds from with the New Israel Fund to spread the word that the PA remains a partner for peace.  

We must present our book of facts to cope with the NIF  - to AIPAC, to the US Congress and to reps of the new US Administration.

The way to combat lies is the present the truth, calmly and dispassionately.

We have  the right experts who know Arabic and who also know how to communicate  with the media.

Our experts  know how to talk with with people whose minds have been brainwashed for a generation with the notion that UNRWA, the PLO,  and the PA, can be worked with to achieve a goals of peace and reconciliation.

Thank you for your time and patience.

​ith blessings.

David Bedein

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