Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fwd: Virtual Mishloach Manot from the Tickers Purim 5777, 2017 Theme: We Are All Elor Azarya


We are sending family and friends, Rabbanim, Media and Israel Activists Virtual Mishloach Manot!  
Theme: We Are All Elor Azarya....

Please enjoy!

We wanted you to feel like an Israeli Soldier. For those who got it real time, send us some feedback what it felt like to eat the army rations.  Kol HaKavod to the Chayalim!

Feel Free to Share! 

Purim Sameach!

Megilat Elor Azarya 5777 pdf (as printed in Mishloach Manot)  10 pages. 5 pages double sided. page 2 (back of cover page) is blank

Megilat Elor Azarya 5777  Word Document with Links to Reading Material

Army of Ticker Mishloach Manot: We Are All Elor Azarya ready to be handed out Purim 5777 

Picture of Actual Mishloach Manot and its Contents: Army bag, Dog Tag, Haman Tashan, Glatt Kosher Army Rations

Picture of one Glatt Kosher Army Rations, LaBriutMeals PS They were a pleasure to deal with.  I ordered from their website I got the rations in 1 day!

And as an extra bonus,  if you feel like writing some checks,  I am including a link to an excel spreadsheet of my favorite  pro Judea and Samaria Organizations and Media and links to their websites and emails. If you have any modifications or if I left someone out by accident or if the information is no longer relevant, please let me know.  There are over 70 names listed.


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