Sunday, March 12, 2017

Purim Sameach 5777 We Are All Elor Azarya


We are all Elor Azarya!

In solidarity, This Purim there is a masquerade contest for who can be dressed up as  the best Elor Azarya? The winner will be awarded a prize. 

That is the theme of the Ticker Mishloach Manot!

This year there will be a Nahafoch Hu!  Jewish Children will want to dress up an emulate a Jewish Soldier who neutralized a Terrorist! Instead of the usual Palestinian child who is taught to emulate and glorify the Terrorist.   

It seems to me that prosecuting a Chayal publicly for neutralizing a terrorist demoralizes the IDF. While an internal investigation is in order it should not be an international spectacle for our enemies. 

I hope and pray that the day will come soon where Torah will be the guiding light of our Jewish Army and the Nation of Israel will be known far and wide as the People of the Book. 

Purim Sameach!
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