Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Military strategy vs. the Rabbis - Israel National News. Rabbanim should demand adherence to Torah first.


The secularization of the Israeli army by Secular Jews is a real dilemma for a Torah believer who wants to serve in Tzahal.

In the same vein, the anti chareidi draft campaign is not the solution! This solution reflects a weakness among Torah observers not to lead and gives power to the secular minority to lead in a way that goes against Torah! 

The secular Israeli Supreme Court is another example of a Supreme Court System in Israel which disregards Torah in defiance of popular will and Chareidi lack of protest and turning a blind eye is keeping the status quo of a  secular corrupt and anti Torah Court.

Have Chareidim come out to protest immoral laws like the expulsion of Jews from their homes in Amona and Ofra?

Joining the Israeli army because of a desire to be part of Milchemet Mitzva only to be subject to compromising Torah is demoralizing to those soldiers who want to live according to Torah. Serving in combat with women as well, forces the religious soldiers in a position that he is tempted to violate the Torah. 

The Chareidim by discouraging their men to serve and thereby not having to deal with the secular elite leadership in the army are making it much harder for religious soldiers to keep Torah. Their stand empowers the secular leadership and makes it harder for those who observe the Mitzvoth Dorayta of Milchemet Mitzvah.  

 We are all Areivim, guarantors. Even when Chareidim do not serve in the military, the fact that they are leaving the task of defending Am Yisroel to their brothers can be compared to the scenario for which Moshe Rabbeine severely rebuked the Tribes of Reuvein and Gad.

Elef leMateh Elef leMateh.  Chareidim are accountable no different than any other segment of Am Yisroel. They will be Chayav in a Beit Din Shel Maala.

Rather than fighting against Chareidi draft they must fight for a Machaneh Kadosh, the army camp, (not a separate seating concert), to be Kadosh! Vehaya Mavhanecha Kadosh applies to them and to Israel's military whether or not they serve.

To escape their obligation is a terrible sin as they put the task on the shoulders of their brothers many of whom have not had the zchus of a  G-d fearing education. This weakens the entire army both in the spiritual and physical realm. To deny this Emes is to deny the Torah Kula, the entire Torah, while taking a stand for an army camp that is also H-ly and adheres to Torah, is to be metaken, is to rectify,  the Chait HaMiraglim, the Sin of the Spies!

Yasher Koach,  on this excellent article! 

Military strategy vs. the rabbis
The IDF military strategy in this article is not about defeating the enemy in battle, it is about defeating yourself before the battle is fought.
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