Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Military Prosecution Appeals Elor Azaria’s ‘Light’ SentenceThe Jewish Press | David Israel | 9 Adar 5777 – March 7, 2017 | JewishPress.com


We are all Elor Azarya!

In solidarity, This Purim there is a contest for who can be dressed up as  the best Elor Azarya? The winner will be awarded a prize. 

This year there will be a Nahafoch Hu!  Jewish Children will want to dress up an emulate a Jewish Soldier who neutralized a Terrorist! Instead of the usual Palestinian child who is taught to emulate and glorify the Terrorist.   

Where is Moral Clarity? Moral Clarity only comes from Torah


Straight forward and common sense Halachot. Rabbi David Bar-Hayim brings concrete examples of situations where the failure to kill the terrorist had fatal consequences. 

The Mitzvah of Killing the Enemy- Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm1ZRyYQ3Mk

It seems pretty obvious that prosecuting a Chayal for neutralizing a terrorist will demoralize the IDF. 

I hope and pray that not only will Elor Azarya be pardoned and also that the leadership in the Israeli military who have lost their vision to differentiate between good and evil, between politics and defending the country, are retired asap!

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