Sunday, March 26, 2017

Chizuk for David Friedman


You might be interested in reading this post written around the time of the proceedings to confirm his nomination.  AT the time I wrote the post I didn't know that his name was David Melech. I noted the fact that the Jewish King (tthe descendent of David HaMelech) was required to wear a Sefer Torah to constantly remind him of the Mitzvoth as it is very easy to go astray when one is in the position of power and kingship. This reminded him that even as king he is a servant to the One and Only King. 

Avinu MalKeinu, Ein Lanu Melech, Ein Lanu Melech Ela Ata....

May Hashem guard David Melech and protect him and may he be a true servant of Hashem. 

Friday, February 24, 2017
Nominee Ambassador to Israel David Friedman's grueling Senate Session. How I would like him to respond. Why Antisemitism seems to be on the rise with Trump's ascendancy..

My comments on Shlomo Walfish facebook page re: Jason Greenblatt.....

Robin Ticker Bsd Again both Jason Greenblatt and Binyamin Netanyahu spoke like us, the most right wing Jews against a Palestinian State before they were the political leaders. What changed? My personal opinion is that once someone becomes a political leader their direction is often heavily contingent on the worthiness of the Nation as a whole. If the Nation is not worthy their hands are tied in spite of their desires or efforts. Perhaps this happens with Ruach Shtut entering their brains and or a powerful Yetzer hara that is not possible to overcome etc. Etc. The key for a leader is to make the hamonei Am worthy of the Geula and this can be done and should be done before one is in an elected position of leadership since he/she is still thinking clearly....Moshe Feiglin and Zehut should take this to heart and try to mobilize the people to protest Amona and Ofra and Neriv Avot and get on board Gedolim baTorah to be metaken the Chait of the Miragim and to encourage hamonei Am to proclaim the Brit the Covenant Hashem promised to Avrohom Yitzchom and Yaakov leZaracha etein et Haaretz hazot wirh the boundaries extending to the Euphrates...

Jewish Sanhedrin instead of a Judicial Overreach BaGatz - Israel Supreme Court. Open Letter by Shmuel Koenig

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