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Fwd: Delay, delay, delay on Gorsuch. Mike Huckabee newsletter March 22, 2017


Typical of the left's strategy to stifle dissent to their agenda or allowing a different narrative to be heard or the opportunity of others with an agenda other then their own to be appointed or be in a leadership position all under the guise of "freedom of expression", "pro choice" etc.. No opposition or beaurocracy from them as long as your expression meets their approval and your choice agrees with their choice.... They are totalitarians masquerading under an umbrella of acceptance and diversity...

They are weeds masquerading as flowers...
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The message you have just received was delivered by Mike Huckabee and includes a message from Huck PAC, his political action committee. 


Democrats are very unlikely to stop Senate confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, but there is no limit to what they'll try to slow it down.

Here's the "delay, delay, delay" strategy put forward by Chuck Shumer, Richard Blumenthal and others:

1) Paint the investigation of alleged collaboration between Russia and the Trump campaign (for which there is no evidence at all) as a "big gray cloud" hanging over the presidency.

2) Use that accusation (for which there is no evidence at all) to hold up Gorsuch's confirmation.

3) Characterize attempts to move forward at all on filling the vacant seat as "rushing" and "unseemly."

4) Lather, rinse, repeat.

That's it. If you naively accept this strategy as non-political, consider that other organizations have joined in the effort to delay, including NARAL Pro-Choice America. "Choice," in this context, refers only to the option of terminating life, not to the new President's ability to choose the next Supreme Court nominee. On that, they are definitely anti-choice. The irony here is that in the eyes of Judge Gorsuch, those two issues should have nothing to do with each other.


Mike Huckabee


Message from Huck PAC:  

HUCK PAC NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP: Support conservative Republicans in 2017 and beyond. Help us raise an additional $17,587 in March by chipping in $25 today or  with a donation in the amount you can afford! Thank you!


And in case you missed these:  

Meals On Wheels Nonsense

By Mike Huckabee

The latest round of fake news burning up the Internet originated, as is often the case, with a tweet from CNN. Jake Tapper tweeted that the Trump budget would eliminate the "$3 billion Community Development Block Grant program, which funds programs like Meals on Wheels." So immediately, the story became "Trump wants to do away with Meals on Wheels and starve old people to death!"

Well, cool your jets. No, the Trump budget (which, remember, is only a proposal) does NOT eliminate Meals on Wheels. It would eliminate one program (the CDBG) that provides only a tiny amount of the federal funding for Meals on Wheels (most comes from the Older Americans Act, and any cuts elsewhere could be replaced by OAA). Meanwhile, here's a report listing some of the ridiculous rat holes of cronyism and graft to which most of the CDBG budget goes:

But at least the false report that Meals on Wheels might lose its federal funding resulted in an immediate spike in donations and volunteers for the program. Wait, so you mean Americans will help a worthy cause themselves? We don't have to be forced to pay taxes, then have a big piece of our money wasted on bureaucracy and graft before a small amount gets to where it will do any good? Individuals, churches and local governments can just help out directly without Washington getting involved? Why didn't someone think of this before?! Finally, CNN's fake news actually teaches its viewers something useful.

We know surveillance happened

By Mike Huckabee

No evidence that surveillance was carried out on the Trump campaign? Well, as Rand Paul sees it, we already know this was done. Here's the logic: If Michael Flynn was surveilled (he was), and Michael Flynn was part of the Trump campaign (he was), then spies had their ears on the Trump campaign. While the language in Trump's tweet was imprecise, his essential claim is already proven true. This is so simple, even Nancy Pelosi should be able to understand it.

Remember when James Clapper said intelligence may have been gathered "unwittingly" on American citizens? We know he misled Congress on this point. I wonder –- if they try to say now that they "unwittingly" scooped up Michael Flynn in some other investigation, will they also expect us to believe that the unmasking and illegal leaking of his name by someone with high-level security clearance were done "unwittingly" as well?


Message from Huck PAC:  

HUCK PAC NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP: Support conservative Republicans in 2017 and beyond. Help us raise an additional $17,587 in March by chipping in $25 today or with a donation in the amount you can afford! Thank you!


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