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Please Fwd! URGENT!! Chanuka Chana and her Seventh son...and a message to Amona residents. Demolition slated for Sunday night according to David Bedein. Write letters! Make Phone calls..Don't let up

bcc: MK's, Rabbanim, Media, Activist List.


Chana's seventh son refused even to appear as if he was bowing down...He was offered gold and silver and all he needed to do was pick up the Kings ring...but he knew symbolically others will view it as if he acquiesced.  

Settlers of Amona should not beg for temporary caravans. This is an OUTRAGE!  Angry letters must be sent by each and every Jew and righteous gentile to the Govt of Israel for their evil plan to traumatize over 40 families and over 200 kids needlessly, bowing to the idolatry of a 2 STate Solution paradigm. 

This is good reason to topple the Netanyahu administration. 

Is Tamar Nizri a spokeswomen for Amona to beg for caravans? 

I am not in her place nor in the place of these courageous families and I am not facing her challenges of losing my home. 

This having been said  I think begging for caravans when the gov't is gearing up to cruelly uproot families from their homes is a sign of weakness.  Agreeing to be displaced even temporarily is a symbolic acquiescence which is a mistake. When it comes to Chillul Hashem, and the destruction of Amona is clearly that, even an appearance of acquiescence and submission is problematic.

Hashem Oz LeAmo Yiten and each and everyone of us who remains silent is complicit with this terrible decree! 

Chas VeShalom!

Shabbat Shalom Umevorach! May we be zocheh, worthy,  with Hashem's Help, to witness the miracles of Kislev and Chanuka and salvation from all evil decrees!

Rav Mazuz says Chareidim must protest Amona Destruction.

Over 60 Rabbi's of Iggud HaRabbonim of NY signed a letter to Netanyahu not to destroy Amona stating that doing so violates multiple Torah Prohibitions!  

Please Call, Contact Rabbonim, Chofetz Chaim Heritage Center, Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah anyone to Help Save Amona! Will you enjoy Chanukah in the comfort of your home while over 40 families with over  200 kids are being thrown out of theirs? Fwd: [Mattotarim] עמונה: עדכונים Updates

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Subject: Fwd: Reasonable request to avoid bloodshed in Amonah 

David Bedein
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​The IDF and the Israeli police are preparing to expel 41 families with 203 children from their homes in Amona​ - possibly on Sunday night.

​ Amona resident, Tamar Nizri, speaking on IBA radio, made it clear that if the govt were to offer homes for immediate occupancy of all 41 families on the hill next to Amona ​- they will move there ASAP.

The gov't has hundreds of mobile homes in emergency supply. These ​mobile ​ homes could be ​positioned in a matter of hours.

Here are all gov't spokespeople. They need to be saturated with the simple humanitarian request. Do not move the people of Amona until they have places to move ​ to.​

The people of Amona are not squatters.

If the ​Israeli High ​ court ruled that the gov't allowed settlement 20 yrs ago that was not appropriate to current statutes, then it is the govt responsibility to make sure that these families are treated well.

Everything depends on massive feedback​ from Jews around the world;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


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