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Fwd from Buddy Macy a MUST READ and DO email to Please Help Save AMONA! Your Critical Action Would Be Greatly Appreciated!!


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Subject: Please Help Save AMONA! Your Critical Action Would Be Greatly Appreciated!!
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The Knesset is scheduled to vote on Amona and is considering legislation over the next couple of days. Please email Knesset Members and urge them to save Amona. Here's how:

Step 1.  Copy and paste the following addresses into the Bcc: box of a new email:


Step 2.  In the body of the email, type: 

Dear Member of Knesset:

Your vote on Amona tomorrow is very important.  

(Then choose from some of these points. It is important that your email is individualized, so use your own words. Thank you!!!)

a. Amona is a symbol of Jewish presence in JudeaSamaria – without which Israel is 9 miles wide.

b. From Amona, Jerusalem is easily visible. 

c. Amona – in fact the entire Regional Council surrounding Amona – is the only thing that stands between Ben-Gurion airport and Palestinian missile fire on airplanes flying in from Florida, New York and other places. Today you protect Amona; tomorrow Amona protects you when you board an airplane to Israel.

d. Amona is a symbol of lawfare against Israel – in this case, claims that land passed out to landowners long gone by a monarch who was illegally ruling in JudeaSamaria (the king of Jordan) are more important than claims of Jewish families legitimately allocated empty land by Israel's government. 

e. Amona reminds us and the world of the simple fact that the international community long ago pledged that Eretz Israel including JudeaSamaria would be the one place in the world where Jews would be a majority. The Arab nation including the Palestinian sector (which shares language, religion and origin with the remainder of their Arab brothers and sisters and is not a separate nation) received the remainder of the Middle East for their self-determination – about 99% of the Middle East. 

f. 200 children live in Amona who, like their parents, have done nothing wrong and should not be uprooted for reasons of human rights.

g. The war against Amona is being fought by radical left groups which have caused Israel great damage and 1000 victims of terrorism. These groups say terrorism is no worse than settling  the land – setting the stage for 9/11 and other atrocities worldwide. 

h. Amona and other communities like it are a huge help to the Israel Defense Forces. Israel's army can only deploy, say 10 thousand soldiers in strategic JudeaSamaria – tops!! – at any given time. The Jewish community in Amona and communities like it numbers about 500 thousand – 50 times as large. 

i. Amona and other communities like it  overlook Israel's bustling  population centers – Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and their suburbs – and bravely prevent these population centers from being turned into useless, cowed war zones. 

j. Amona is part of the Land of Israel which historically belongs to the Jewish people whereas the Arab people already have vast tracts of land and should not be allowed to take our land away. 

k. The Amona Regulation Law offers generous financial compensation for land to Arabs who may never have owned the land. This is far more than descendants of the 3 million  full owners of Jewish property in Poland ever received – to this day, these full and indisputable owners were offered nothing by their former murderers.  


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