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Call, Contact Rabbonim, Chofetz Chaim Heritage Center, anyone to Help Save Amona! Will you enjoy Channukah in the comfort of your home while 40 families with 200 kids are being thrown out of theirs? Fwd: [Mattotarim] עמונה: עדכונים Updates


My Dear Friends, amv"sh

 Rav Mazuz: Chareidim Must Protest Amona Too! We Are All Brothers! | Yeshiva World News

Letter From Iggud HaRabbonim, Rabbinical Alliance of America to Netanyahu protesting the destruction of Amona signed by over 60 Rabbis

We can not sit by idly as plans for demolitions in Amona are taking place.  Helen Freedman, the Executive Director of AFSI (Americans for a Safe Israel)  says that Amona is the lynch-pin.   She is in daily contact with the families in Amona, and with Anita Tucker, formerly of Netzer Chazani, expelled from Gush Katif,  who can attest that the situation in Amona is dire and critical.   

David Bedein Director Israel Resource News Agency Center for Near East Policy Research says Amona is the key to Israel and not only Judea and Samaria. He says that a good portion of Jewish communities are built on land claimed by Arab absentee land owners on both sides of the green line. Adalah, Yesh Din, Zochrot and tens of other grantees of the NIF are helping Arab absentee landlord on both sides of the green line. 

עת לעשות לה' הפירו תורתיך (תהילים 119:126)...  אחינו בית ישראל.... על תעמד על דם רעיך!
Plain and simple.  We must stand up for Torah.    See First Rashi of Breishis! 

Ait Laasot LaHashem, Hefeiru Toratecha /Tehillim 119, 126.  It is time to do for Hashem for our Torah has been pushed aside, annulled

Please lobby Rabbanim to speak out against this terrible decree!  In the past, expulsions and demolitions were followed by terror attacks.  When Gush Katif was destroyed in 2005 on Tisha Baav, it triggered massive rocket attacks on southern Israel .  

Our enemies know when we are weak and are abandoning our Land.  

They will joyfully celebrate our betrayal to the Land.

Please call the following Spiritual Leaders, men of influence and say that you are extremely upset that the government of Israel is going to demolish homes in Amona and elsewhere and ask that the Rabbonim take a public stand!  

Please say that being silent and not taking a clear position is a political decision.  You might want to mention that Rabbanim can rely on a Clear Psak, Rabbinic Ruling,  from the Great Assembly of the Rabbonim, the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah, in Marienbad in 1937.

Please listen to the Sicha on Marienbad by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Yiddish. (credit to Raanan Isseroff for this link)

Listen from 20. - "Af Shaal" - We dont give even one inch!
At around 31 The Rebbe gets into the Marienbad conference and the hiding of the psak from 1937 and how one should get the relatives and spiritual inheritors together for a reaffirmation of the psak.
At 36 the Rebbe gets into how its a clear halacha established by the Rabbinical Conference of 1937.
Over 700 Rabbonim and delegates attended as reported by JTA News. 
Leading the conference were Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzinsky who gave the Rebbe Smicha, Rav Eliezer Silver, Sanz-Klausenberg Rebbe, Rav Elchonan Wasserman and Rav of Warsaw Menachem Ziemba. Representing Lubavitch was Reb Mordechai Dubin, head of the Latvian Parliment.

As per the Lubavitcher Rebbe's suggestion ask these Rabbanim to get the relatives and spiritual inheritors of the Rabbanim of Marienbad to reaffirm the Psak at Marienbad: 

Mr. Michael Rothschild -  (w) 845-352-3505 ext 127 Executive Director of Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation  CCHF.  
PHONE CCHF: 845.352.3505 
FAX: 845.352.3605
or send them a msg via their website

CCHF is a fantastic organization that inspires Jews daily as per the laws of proper speech....Power of Speech.  

Speaking out positive for the Land of Israel as did Calev and Yehoshua in the spirit of Chevron, will be a Tikun, a correction of the Sin of the Spies who spoke negatively about the Land of Israel.  This grave sin generated a Bechiya LeDorot, crying and mourning lasting generations.  

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky is the Rabbinic mentor of the CCHF and member of Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah in America: A kind and sensitive Rav who is a listening ear and mentor for those who seek his guidance

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky - 215-477-1000 Rosh Yeshiva Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia. 

Rabbi Aharon Feldman: Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisroel Rabbinical College in Baltimore and member of Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah in America  410-484-7200

Amona: We don't want to share in their pain, we want to prevent their pain!

Thank you for caring!

If you are in Israel please try to give Amona Chizuk with your physical presence!
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Subject: [Mattotarim] עמונה: עדכונים Updates Amona

The residents of Amona have asked that the public be with them. They are after all 
a group of young parents, with 200 children, facing soldiers and police.
See above for instructions how to reach Amona, when, and the importance of 
respectable non-violent behavior.
Also, URGE  Israel's legislators to be personally present in Amona 
if they hear of any possible risk of expulsion. 
For example: 

Write to:
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עמונה: עדכונים  Updates Amona

תושבי עמונה ביקשו מאד מהציבור להגיע ליישוב .
אכן אסור להשאיר לבד הורים צעירים ל-200 ילדים אל מול משטרה וצבא.

אבל חשוב לתושבי עמונה מאד, שהמאבק יהיה מכובד!

"מספיק שיהיו שם (בעמונה – מ.ע.) כמה אלפים שלא יתנגדו באופן אלים
אלא רק יישבו על הארץ, כדי למנוע פינוי –
המשטרה תצטרך להביא לשם כמעט את כל הכוחות שלה, כולל מהמשרדים, וזה לא יקרה."
-- מפקד  הפינוי של עמונה, ראיון בידיעות אחרונות, 2.12.16, עמוד 8 במוסף.

לחיילים: קיראו את חגי סגל על הנושא של סירוב פקודה
טרנספר של אדם מביתו = פקודה בלתי חוקית בעליל, גם לדעת השמאל:

כללים להגעה לעמונה:

א.  עקוב אחרי דיווחים בתקשורת וברשת החברתית, כדי לנסות לדעת מתי להגיע. מקסימום, עשית טיול מיותר אך יפה ליישוב עמונה

ב. להביא איתך את כל צרכיך: בגדים חמים, מזון ומים.

ג. צא לדרך כרגיל, למשל ניתן להגיע באוטובוס מירושלים (גשר המיתרים) - 
קווים 461, 462, 463, 464, 467,466, 469,
וכמעט כל קו שנוסע לשומרון, לשאול את הנהג.  יורדים בעפרה ומשם טרמפים או רגלית לעמונה.
או בטרמפים מירושלים 'מחסום חיזמה - פיסגת זאב' לכיוון עפרה
לפרטים שלחו הודעה! איילת 058-404-0175  קלמן 053718518 אברהם 0558849676.

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