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FYI Fabulous CNN article by Mark Goldfeder proving that the UN Resolution is both WRONG AND INEFFECTUAL! UM-SHMUM..Please fwd...Protest Today Wednesday at US Mission to UN!



FYI Fabulous CNN article by Mark Goldfeder proving that the UN Resolution is both WRONG AND INEFFECTUAL!  Israel has exclusive title and sovereignty; from an international law perspective... This CNN journalist writes that this is not an Occupation.  This Resolution is not binding! The new resolution condemning the settlements was actually adopted under Chapter VI, which simply authorizes the Security Council to issue non-binding recommendations dealing with the peaceful settlement of disputes.
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My Additional Comments to the amazing well documented and researched article above!  

This UN Resolution is a blatant annulment of the Torah and is nonbinding for this reason alone! The Legal arguments stated above article, strengthens and provides International legal standing for Israel to finally annex East Jerusalem inclusive of Temple Mount and all of Judea and Samaria and finally put an end to the  2 State Solution option which has proven to bring the opposite of peace! 
עת לעשות לה' הפירו תורתיך (תהילים 119:126)...  אחינו בית ישראל.... על תעמד על דם רעיך!
Plain and simple.  We must stand up for Torah.    See First Rashi of Breishis! 

Ait Laasot LaHashem, Hefeiru Toratecha /Tehillim 119, 126.  It is time to do for Hashem for our Torah has been pushed aside, annulled

מעוז צור
נְקֹם נִקְמַת דם עֲבָדֶיךָ מֵאֻמָּה הָרְשָׁעָה  In the last stanza of Maoz Tzur we ask Hashem to exact revenge on the evil Nation (UM). BTW UM in Hebrew is the acronym for the United Nations.  Very timely prayer for this UNG-dly resolution to happen right around Chanuka!!!

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Um-Shmum (Hebrewאו"ם שמום‎, where um is the Hebrew acronymic pronunciation for "U.N.",[1] and the "shm"-prefix signifies dismissal, contempt or irony) is a phrase coined by the Israeli Minister of Defense (and former Prime MinisterDavid Ben-Gurion on 29 March 1955 during a debate within the Israeli cabinet regarding his plan to take the Gaza Strip from Egypt in response to the increasing fedayeen terror attacks. This utterance towards the United Nations is an expression that reflects, even as to date, the way many Israelis feel about the institution.

ACTION ALERT: Protest the United Nations TOMORROW for its shameful anti-Israel resolutions
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