Sunday, December 18, 2016

Israel Reaches Agreement to Relocate Amona Settlers -


Why is the GOI (govt of Israel) forcing Jews off of our Land creating a terrible Chillul Hashem?

Because all of Am Yisroel needs to show Hashem that we want the gift of Eretz Yisroel.  And as long as we as a people are indifferent we collectively are not Zocheh.

The settlers of Amona are the creme de la creme.

Who was willing to remain and fight?

These were mainly teenagers ready to fight armed police. It was almost certain to be a violent struggle.

I dont have any Taanos complaints on the Amona families who agreed to this settlement to avoid a violent clash.

But it is us who didnt open our mouths who are Chayav.  Because of our silence over 40 families will be homeless. Over 200 kids traumatized.

 Lev Melachim beyad Hashem. It is not Netanyahu nor Trump that will have the last word.  It will be each and every one of us collectively.  So if one did not protest this immoral and unjust decision of a Supreme Court of Israel that leaves much to be desired, than one will be accountable in Shamayim when they ask  if our davening each and every day is mere lip service. 

I dont envy anyone who will be forced to see the long term results of their inaction and apathy..
הושיבה שופטינו כבראשונה.
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