Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fox Interview...You Gotta Love Mike Huckabee.....Video and Transcription..... Mike Huckabee on the so Called Settlements...Every Legal and Moral Right to Claim the Land...


Sorry for gushing...Mike Huckabee's words are music to my ears and if only the Nation of Israel would appreciate the great Miracle that has happened with a Regime change,  instead of foolishly holding on to a sick 2 State Solution, we would be having the greatest celebration ever.  Netanyahu hasn't quite yet internalized the strength and conviction and message of the new Trump Administration! 

WATCH: Israelis should celebrate end of Obama regime, Huckabee says,  Former Governor Mike Huckabee, who reportedly could be President-elect Donald Trump's choice for ambassador to Israel, says Israelis should be counting down the days until the end of Obama's "hostile" regime.


Fox News Interview:  What will change with Mr. Trump coming in the White House..

Fox News: Governor, good to see you...
Governor, The Prime minister seemed especially warm and welcoming to Mr. Trump. Some would say if's a bit of a contrast to recent years.

Huckabee: Well I'm guessing that in the Prime Minister's office there is a calendar and every day that gets closer to January 20th, an X goes on that date looking forward to that relationship... Because the Obama Administration has been hostile to Israel, HOSTILE...It's not just that they've been indifferent...They've spent more time condemning Israel for building bedrooms in Judea and Samaria than they have condemning Iran for attempting to build bombs.  This is outrageous! and they have constantly harangued Israel who has been our best friend in the Middle East, the most stabilizing force in the Middle East, and it's an irrational position that the Obama Administration has taken.  So I am sure that not only the Prime Minister, but citizens around Israel are celebrating that the very end of this hostile regime of Barack Obama is coming to an end.  

Fox News: Some might say that the settlement they are building are threatening the peace process

Mike Huckabee:  I'll tell you what threatens the peace process.. It is the Palestinians who are never being held accountable for continuing to push in their educational school systems the celebration of terrorism to celebrate the murder of Jews.  We will never have  peace in the Middle East so long as there is an unwillingness by the Palestinians to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist.  And the so called Settlements... these are neighborhoods and communities...  These are well established communities on Land that frankly Israel has every legal and moral right to claim. Judea and Samaria are part of the historic land of the Jews.  I'm not Jewish but I have been to Israel so many times that I've lost count going back to 1973.  What the Israeli's have done in building a remarkable nation is nothing short of miraculous, economically, medically, politically, it is a bright spot in otherwise a dark part of the world.  
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