Monday, December 05, 2016

Duma. The Forgotten Fire? By Martin Sherman | Jewish & Israel News My comments..


Excellent article by Martin Sherman!

Duma is notorious for being a place which there is a blood libel of Jews against their fellow hilltop youth Jews.

It is almost certainly Arab arson that set fire to Arab homes killing an Arab family for which Jewish youth were falsely accused, were wrongly imprisoned and tortured and falsely confessed under duress.

What will it take for Jews to wake up? In the wake of Israel's Supreme courts zealous rule to enforce an immoral law to expel 40 families with 200 kids from their homes in Amona and elsewhere, to expel Jewish settlement in Samaria from their rightful homes, the country now gets a taste of what it feels like to be displaced and homeless.

I might wish that Judgement from a Heavenly Court selectively bring fires and destruction upon the homes of those who are to be responsible and complicit with Amona's destruction and allows those who are callous to their brothers pain to get first hand knowledge of such pain.    Midah keneged Midah as is the case of the punishment of Aidim Zomemin to those who conspire and submit false testimony so they too will receive the  punishment that their testimony would have wrought upon innocents.

But I don't wish this on anyone, even upon my worst enemy. I understand that this decision to destroy Amona is not malicious but rather one that is governed by political considerations that blinds many wise individuals.

 I wish that they wake up first and stop this evil edict..

There is no doubt that standing idly and allowing the govt to go ahead with immoral demolitions in the name of rule of law will harness Divine retribution.

Let us open our eyes and stop persecuting the dust of the earth, the people who love the land of Israel and are holding on to it by their fingertips.

Let us admit our travesty of justice to the creme de la creme our hilltop youth and to the Duma suspects who were tortured and framed.

And let us stop threatening Amona with destruction.
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