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Praise for Mohammed on Synagogue WallsVandals sprayed praise for Mohammed on the walls of a synagogue in the village of Maor. 

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June 21, 2012
     AMERICANS FOR A SAFE ISRAEL/AFSI has written often about the indignities suffered by Jews at Israel's holy sites. The AFSI Chizuk group has visited the Temple Mount many times, escorted by Rabbi Richman of the Temple Mount Institute, and we are always subjected to indignities. I, personally, was detained by the police a number of years ago because I had a prayer book in my possession.
     Below is a report from Arutz Sheva about the latest outrage at the Temple Mount and MK Dr.Aryeh Eldad's call for an end to Muslim Occupation of the Mount.
     Below that is a letter I wrote to the Jewish Press in response to an article by Michael Freund on the same subject. My letter covers a small sampling of Jewish holy sites that have been given away to the Arabs by the Israeli government, or which are in danger of being lost to Jews. The letter was published in the June 22, 2012 issue of The Jewish Press. Your comments are welcome.

1. MK: End Muslim Occupation on Temple Mount
by Maayana Miskin
MK Aryeh Eldad (Ichud Leumi) called Thursday to end Muslim control over visits to the Temple Mount.
"The time has come to end the occupation," he declared in a letter to Minister of the Interior Yitzchak Aharonovitch. "The Muslim occupation that occurred 1,300 years ago, and is still in effect on the Temple Mount, of course."
Eldad was angered by the arrest of a Jewish visitor to the Temple Mount on Thursday morning, and the police's decision to ban Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, who heads the Temple Mount institute, from visiting the holy site.
"This is an unacceptable escalation of the affront to freedom of worship in Israel, and another step toward abandoning the Jewish people's holiest place to the Arab enemy and the Waqf," he charged.
Rabbi Yehuda Glick said that Rabbi Ariel had been refused entrance to the Temple Mount on Wednesday as he attempted to ascend in honor of Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of the next Jewish month. Police told Rabbi Ariel that he was permanently banned, and would not say why, Rabbi Glick said.
The Jewish man arrested Thursday morning was detained after quoting to his companions from the Mishnah, Rabbi Glick added. Jews are forbidden to pray on the Temple Mount, but are normally allowed to speak.
Also Thursday, a Jewish visitor to the Temple Mount complained that Islamic Waqf officials had ordered him to remove his kippah because it offended them.
Jewish Holy Sites

Michael Freund's June 15 column, "Take Back the Holy Sites," touched a deep chord in me, since my AFSI Chizuk mission was in the ancient synagogue in Naaran in April of this year. We had stopped in the Jordan Valley, close to the area where Joshua crossed into Jericho, and then drove into a beautiful nature preserve. We walked through bountiful banana fields in order to reach the beautiful synagogue. We were overwhelmed by the setting, the mosaic floor, parts of which were still intact, the beautiful pillars, and the spirituality of the holy place. We were escorted there by a group of soldiers, many of whom joined in the Minchah prayers that were said at the site.

You can imagine our distress when we read about the desecration of the synagogue.
We felt that same distress when we read about the destruction of Joseph's tomb in Shechem by marauding Arabs, immediately after the holy place had been turned over to the Arabs for "protection." Kever Yosef had been one of our regular visiting sites on our AFSI Chizuk missions. The last time we were able to go there, it was only at midnight, on a specially arranged bus, with military escort.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is another holy place on every AFSI Chizuk itinerary. The shameful, humiliating treatment we receive when we arrive there, escorted by Rabbi Chaim Richman, is disgraceful. But we usually manage to ascend the Mount, followed by Arab Waqf members who walk closely behind, checking to see that we don't move our lips in prayer. Israeli police follow us also, to reinforce the Waqf's demands.

At the Cave of the Patriarchs, in Hebron, we must also usually suffer the indignity of having most of the rooms closed to Jews throughout the year. Jews pray in an open courtyard, covered with a tarpaulin that is fails to keep out cold, heat, rain and snow. We will be visiting this November 10 to commemorate Abraham's purchase of the tomb for his wife, Sarah. On this special Shabbat, Parashat Chayei Sarah, the cave is entirely open to Jews. How tragic it is that in the Jewish land of Israel, Jews suffer so much intolerance and degradation when it comes to our holy sites.

Freund is absolutely right. Israel must take back sovereignty over its holy sites.

Helen Freedman
Executive Director Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI
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Hello Religious and Community Leaders, and Friends,

Please see:

a) press coverage of Dr. Gauthier's recent conference in Jerusalem on
Jerusalem - see two links below, and

b) the petition by Howard Grief, on Israel's land rights under international
law - see attachment.

Thank you!

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Journalists:  Please do some investigative reporting!  Indeed it is very worrisome and confusing why all of a sudden Ketzeleh and Rabbi Melamed are encouraging the settlers to not protest in any significant way.    Daisy Stern of Hebron is Barry Chamish's source.  Please check out what they are reporting!  "Daisy Stern" <>, "Barry Chamish" <>, 

Barry Chamish writes:
Ketzaleh and Rabbi Melamed were the main purchasers and builders of the piece of real estate named Givat Ha'Ulpana, see first of all their bravado after hearing about the plans to use brutality against the residents, see how right away they said ' no violence', how Ketzaleh described the savage attackers as the residents' brothers, and then observe how they immediately folded. See how the Yesha Council, and Zambish himself, are directly involved in the Givat Ha'Ulpana situation, and how once again the residents trust him completely, even coming to his defense; naivete knows no bounds.  What's going ON???????  This is very strange.  Also please rewatch the Miraglim series.  

Miraglim 1  9:39 minutes

Miraglim 2  9:52 minutes

Miraglim 3  9:53 minutes

Miraglim 4 4m 9:03 minutes

According to this documentary The following Yesha Council members deceived the public and acted as if they were the leaders of the struggle when in fact they collaborated with the Police who were then able to control the masses into effectively and methodically implementing the expulsion.   

Among the Members of the Yesha council who were Traitors were 

Zambish - Ze'ev Chever, 
Pinchus Wallerstein, 
Bentzi Lieberman and
 Rafi Ben Saad. 

Among the Rabbanim who collaborated with the Police in the expulsion were

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
Rav Druckman
Rav Zviki Bar Chai
Rabbi Mordechai Alon
Rabbi Yaakov Gross
Rabbi Zvi Kostoner

Here are the links on Youtube or just search Miraglim 1-4

More on this topic:  Check all these articles out on Arutz 7. I am unable to copy the links easily. I am having an issue with copying text with links as the links are not copied.  I need to manually do it. Just go on the first link and the other links on Arutz7 will be accessible via the article. 

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Now to put you in a better mood after reading the above 

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