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Zocher Habrit, Returning to G-d re: Yaron, Ronald Lauder's Pro-2-State WJC Ad,


Dear Chavrei Knesset, Leaders of Major Jewish Organizations, Jewish Media, Rabbanim and Activist List ,

Egypt has been taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran is a very real nuclear threat.  All this is happening at an alarmingly fast pace.  

There is only 1 weapon that Jews have that can fight all the others.  Our most powerful weapon is G-d.  G-d is AllMighty. G-d is All powerful.  G-d is our Salvation.   

Ok before you call the police on me for harassing you with such emails, please just reflect for 1 minute.  When the enemy has a gun pointing at a soldier, what is there left to do if not turn to G-d?  If the soldier still has a weapon at his disposal he will most likely use the weapon and pray as well.  The greater the threat the more likely, G-d comes into the picture.  

So now the question is what can we do for G-d so that He will want to help us?  Prayer, wearing Tzizit, Tefillin, eating Kosher, keeping Shabbat, studying Torah? Being holy and not allowing our eyes,ears,mouth, nose, heart, hands and feet to get contaminated with unholy things. All True.  

These Mitzvoth are all part of our Torah and as a Jew we are obligated to observe them. 

My Dear Friends, It seems to me that the biggest test of this generation, our generation, the generation that has been blessed with the return to Zion is our willingness to claim and settle the Land of Israel.  The biggest Yetzer Hara, evil inclination,  for our generation, to religious Jews as well as unaffiliated Jews alike,  has been to recognize G-d's Divine will and promise that  the Land of Israel as being designated for a special and more holy purpose that can only be actualized with Jews living, settling in the Land of Israel keeping the commandments.

is it just coincidence that the world just became an even unsafer place with  the MB winning in Egypt immediately after the HaUlpana decision to throw Jews off our Land? How about the latest news about Iran?

Now that our enemies are increasingly gaining strength in developing WMD (weapons of mass destruction)  shall we not turn to G-d?  

You say you don't want to hear all this nonsense.  Or you say, I am a believing Jew and don't lecture me.   You still believe you have strong weapons at your disposal.  Remembering our Covenant with G-d and our forefathers and speaking out for our Covenant is not necessary. You feel it would just be counterproductive, bringing the wrath of the world upon us. You still want to believe that the "peace process" is the only practical answer and since G-d's Covenant is a negation of the "peace process" you will ignore it for now rather than stir up the hornets nest.   

How long will you guys wait?  How long will it take for you to figure out that my emails are not the enemy but rather your refusal to use your most powerful weapon, G-d.  He is Allmighty and Allpowerful and can fight off His enemies.  You have the ability, if you so choose, to reject the false G-d, aka "the Peace Process and The 2 State Solution" and courageously proclaim G-d's Covenant with the Jews and with the World and believe with your heart and soul that this will ultimately bring our redeemer, our redemption and  peace and prosperity to mankind! 

Please look forward to my next email which will be entitled "Zocher Habrit, More News that is Fit to Print" and if your advertisers don't like it let them find somewhere else to advertise

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Shalom Yaron (please call me Buddy),

Your response to my deep concern, and that of many others, appears to be a "form" email. Although Jerusalem Online may very well be "bringing its viewers and subscribers an unbiased, true, and accurate daily news update from Israel", Ronald Lauder's ad (please see bottom of email) brings your viewers and subscribers information that is not only biased and speculative, at best, but that which promotes a policy which many among your audience believe would lead to Israel's demise. As a fellow pro-Israel activist wrote, you would not accept an ad from an Arab-"Palestinian" suicide bomber, so why would you accept a submission which endorses a policy that is tantamount to the unleashing of thousands of such murderous weapons
throughout Israel?!?

My original email to Jerusalem Online must not be considered within the context of technical legal media policy; it is about morality -- it is about right and wrong! Ronald Lauder's ad promotes the expulsion of tens of thousands of Jews from their homes and communities. Do you believe that such activity is supported by any of the writings or teachings within Judaism? Where is it written that Jews have the right to destroy their fellow Jews' homes? Ronald Lauder's advertisement promotes a policy, the implementation of which would represent an obscene abuse of the political process for personal and organizational gain, while causing tremendous agony for tens of thousands of Israeli citizens. The ad falls under the classification of profanity, and it must be retracted immediately.

It would be in Israel's best interest if you would return the compensation provided by Mr. Lauder for the ad, and to state clearly and unequivocally that Jerusalem Online erred in publishing Ronald Lauder's advertisement, and that there is no association whatsoever between Jerusalem Online and Mr. Lauder's World Jewish Congress ad. The above statement should be promoted utilizing all means available to you.

Most sincerely,

Buddy Macy

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Subject: RE: Jerusalem Online's Promotion of Ronald Lauder's Pro-2-State WJC Ad
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Dear Mr. Macy,

Thank you for your detailed email. 

JerusalemOnline is a news service, active for over 6 years, bringing its viewers and subscribers an unbiased, true, and accurate daily news update from Israel in full collaboration with Channel 2 news, the leading news Channel in Israel. 

JerusalemOnline and its team absolutely do not support any opinions or political views reflected in the news or the advertisements shown on the website, email or any form of media.

As for now, JerusalemOnline is a free service, fully supported by its founders and advertisers. 

JerusalemOnline will continue to bring you the most accurate news and most interesting video articles from Israel.


Thank you for contacting us and for watching



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Subject: Jerusalem Online's Promotion of Ronald Lauder's Pro-2-State WJC Ad

One cannot determine from the World Jewish Congress advertisement, below, whether Jerusalem Online supports the position taken by Ron Lauder in his letter appearing in the ad. However, one knows for sure that Jerusalem Online has accepted compensation for an ad which contradicts the values and beliefs of most of its readers and supporters!


Four of Israel's most esteemed Knesset Members: Moshe Ya'alon - Israel's Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs and former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces; Dr. Arieh Eldad - Brig. Gen., Retired, who served as the chief medical officer and was the senior commander of the Israeli Defense Forces medical corps for 25 years and head of the burns unit at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem during the height of the Intifada; Yuval Steinitz - Israel's Finance Minister and the former chairman of both the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and the Knesset Subcommittee for Intelligence and Secret Services, and an active member of Peace Now before Oslo; and, Danny Danon - chairman of World Likud and Chair of the Knesset Committee for Aliya, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, have all stated publicly that implementation of the two-state "solution" would result in the destruction of Israel.*


That Ron Lauder, an American citizen, has chosen to promote a policy which the above four respected and admired Knesset Members believe would lead to the demise of Israel, is more than curious. And, Jerusalem Online's acceptance of compensation for the promotion of Lauder's personal beliefs through his position at WJC, is more than questionable. For the sake of clarity and truth, I urge Jerusalem Online to issue a public statement as to its official position regarding the two-state "solution."


Most sincerely,


Buddy Macy



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