Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Spirit of Hebron against those that Discourage the Jews from Settling the Land. Parshat Shlach replayed in the News


Sadly, Mishpacha Magazine is taking their cue from the Miraglim in their front page cover this week Parashat Shlach....."RESIGNED to EXILE The would-be settlers of 2012 know that fighting their eviction is a losing proposition."  by Avi Friedman whereby the blurb describing the article reads "Seven years after the Gush Katif expulsion, a new group of families is facing eviction.  This time around, bitter resignation has replaced the fighting spirit, and the would-be settlers understand that fighting the State is a losing proposition".  Mr. Friedman writes:  " Looking out at the view from a small porch, Galit and Naftali Friedman try hard to project a sense of confidence in G-d's plan for them.  But (emphasis my own, sounds familiar from the Parsha?????) they can not hold their anxiety as the clock ticks down to July 1, the day the High Court has set for the eviction of the Ulpana Hilla and several other disputed outposts".  

Surely anyone reading this article will feel a wave of discouragement going through their very souls.  

Who asked Avi Friedman for his opinion?  (Unfortunately, the publisher and/or Editor of Mishpacha).

Upon seeing these headlines on the front page cover of Mishpacha Magazine, I reminded myself that WE ARE FORBIDDEN TO ACCEPT LASHON HARA even from our  Leaders who discourage settling the Land of Israel.  This holds true 

Well obviously Avi Friedman is talking to the wrong people and getting his information from the wrong people.  Maybe he is influenced by Rav Shteinman who instructed UTJ Knesset members to vote against the Settlers in the recent Regulation Bill to normalize Ulpana.  Ein Chadash Tachat Hashemesh. 

 Let us take this as an opportunity to correct the Sin of the Spies and loudly protest any attempt to discourage the settlers!

The Jewish people must not accept this attitude of defeatism that caused Bechiya LeDorot, crying for all generations.  Arutz7, Mattot Arim and Komimyut emails clearly don't. They show the  fighting spirit side of the Settlers.  So let's report, and encourage the Settlers and their supporters who are taking their cue from Hebron and not the Spies!  

We suggest that the publisher Eliyahu Paley and his entire staff including Editor in Chief Rav Moshe Grylak take a trip to Hebron.  And next time they publish an article about Settlers, they should use Rachel Ginsberg associate editor of Mishpacha Magazine, who started her career in Hebron writing for Counterforce. 

Arutz7 has the right fighting spirit!

So do the people at Mattot Arim!

Same for the people at Kommiyut:

In their letter to their people(H) they described the two different approaches among the Settlers.  One approach, the way of the Yesha Council is to look at the short term goals of going from crisis to crisis and as they put it "sewing" a custom made garment for each settlement crisis trying to get out with minimal damage and maximum tactical gain.  The other approach, the approach much preferred by Kommimiyut which originated in Kfar Maimon in Gush Katif with those who aspired to a permanent solution rather than making deals that would endanger the entire settlement enterprise.  They are determined to fight the struggle rather than evacuate peacefully in exchange of some package of benefits that would later not help to prevent further destruction down the line. 
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