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re: Clarification - In Answer to Uzi Baruch- Editor of Chief of Arutz7 regarding the Lauder ad promoting a 2 State Solution


Dear Uzi,  amv"sh

Uzi, Thanks for the clarification.  It's not convincing. As Editor in Chief of A7, your readers expect you to filter out the non Kosher stuff in advertisements as well. While the submitter, in this case Ronald Lauder,  might not be a leftist organization whose activities damage Israel, the message of the ad certainly does damage Israel.  

By rejecting the ad, you are not boycotting or rejecting Ronald Lauder. You are rejecting the contents of the ad just like you would reject an ad that included indecently unclad women.  Whether or not the submitter is upright and highly respected is not relevant.   Your policy must be not to put in ads that promote a 2 State solution.  

Arutz 7 is one of a kind.  We don't want it to be like all the others. 

Would it be consistent for the KOSHER GAZETTE (fictitious name) to advertise Pork? Won't some people start believing that Pork is kosher because the Kosher Gazette advertises this product? How about a health magazine putting in Cigarette ads in their publication? 

At the very minimum put a disclaimer like they have on cigarette ads  that reads "Arutz7 believes that the contents of this ad is dangerous to Israel and if implemented dangerous to the protection of Jews throughout the world."  If they still want to advertise with your disclaimer then perhaps you will not be liable in the prohibition of not putting a stumbling block before the blind (your audience). But it still is questionable whether it is wise to do so. If this ad serves to convince the A7 audience that Netanyahu's policies are laudable then the money A7 receives from this ad has the potential of being blood money G-d forbid. 
Sincerely Robin Ticker

PS: If Arutz 7 changes in any way it would be extremely depressing!  writes:

From: Arutz-7 Mailing
date: Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 9:38 AM
subject: Clarification


Dear Arutz Sheva Readers in Israel and the world over,

I am taking this opportunity to respond to readers' critical reactions to our acceptance and posting of an advertisement from the president of the World Jewish Congress, Mr. Ron Lauder

I wish to make it clear that Arutz Sheva is a nationalist Zionist website that champions and promotes the cause of Greater Israel.

Arutz Sheva is the sole voice in Israel and the entire world that emphasizes the central importance of all of the Land of Israel and faithfully guards our land from its detractors.

Arutz Sheva will never run advertisements, no matter what the financial inducement, of leftist organizations in Israel and the United States whose activities damage Israel. However, the advertisement about which some of our readers complained is far from fitting into that category.

Mr. Lauder is a highly respected figure in the Jewish world. He serves as president of the Jewish Congress and is a close friend of the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu.

We regret that the Prime Minister and many Jews feel that the way to achieve peace is through the establishment of a Palestinian state, but we cannot, as a website that serves as a forum for world Jewry, boycott or reject a respected Jewish figure who does not agree with us. Mr. Lauder has many accomplishmentns to his credit in many areas that have helped Jews the world over - as does the Prime Minister.

Arutz Sheva's website has been expanding exponentially for the past several years, thanks to the good people who help us continue to be the voice of Greater Israel and sound the dangers facing our country and World Jewry.

We will continue to serve as a clear and unequivocal voice - and a brave and powerful one - while respecting our fellow Jews, wherever they may be.

Arutz Sheva is against a Palestinian State in Judea and Samaria and has posted many articles and opeds that make that stand clear. The advertisement's posting is an opportunity for those readers who feel as Arutz Sheva does to explain their position to the advertiser by writing to the Opinion section at Arutz Sheva. We will post those responses that are written poitely and explain the reasons behind the writer's position.
Uzi Baruch

Editor in Chief

Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2012 1:35 PM


Robin Ticker
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