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The Payoff! Et tu Arutz7? Et tu Jewish Voice? Et tu Jewish Press? Et tu Zev Brenner?Et tu 5 Towns Jewish Times? Anyone left out there? Did you sell your Jewish Voice? Sounds of Silence. No reports on the evils of a 2 State Solution, ......


Dear Arutz7.  You, our most beloved, and others, our very dearest of  friends and true lovers of Eretz Yisroel,  being bought off by $$$? Who knows where this $$$ originated from.  Maybe Soros or EU? 

We are told.  Netanyahu doesn't really believe in the 2 State Solution.  Ronald Lauder doesn't believe in a 2 State Solution.  They are master politicians who have to say what they say for PR purposes. They are interested in enhancing their Public Opinion image but they are not stupid. 

Bill Narvey <> wrote:
Lauder is not worth getting worked up about
Why get worked up over Lauder's initiative on behalf of the World Jewish Congress to reach out to Abbas to implore him to come to the bargaining table?  It's a nice gesture, but it won't mean a thing to Abbas and his Palestinian cadre.  
I suspect Lauder knows that, but has an ulterior motive.  He really wants to put front and center for all Americans to see that the WJC is pro peace via the 2 state solution.  It's a publicity  positive image stunt initiative for the WJC to play to the U.S. Jewish community, for the Obama administration and for Americans at large.

But whether or not Netanyahu or Lauder actually believe in a 2 State Solution, the left make sure that they must prove that they mean what they say. 

That's how your paper or radio show is being used.  A brilliant PR strategy campaign of the left. And they unlike us have very deep pockets.

 It starts with just one ad.  Then when they see a publisher can be bought off,  it continues and before we realize, choices of what to print is under their influence. Paid journalists will follow the direction of the publisher or risk being fired. Of course a journalist with strong convictions has the option of quitting and put his entire faith in G-d for his livelihood. 

In working with right wing media, the main goal is to neutralize any negative press against the Gov't of Israel  especially when the gov't of Israel implements a "publicity  positive image stunt initiative'' as Narvey suggests, like destroying HaUlpana. The Gov't of Israel doesn't really want to be anti Settler.  They just want to be perceived by the world as "Pro Peace".  

And the leftist world is demanding that they show proof that they are serious and not just playing a political game.

Re: the right wing media:  Let me review the rules of what you may or may not print once your are under "the influence".  This is of course speculative.  I would appreciate your input to get a clearer understanding.    Let me know if I am on target.  After all I am not a journalist and these are my observations. The following apply especially on front covers and back covers and all parts of the paper that get the most exposure. 

  • Never print anything critical of Netanyahu and the Government of Israel's policies.  We are paying you very good money so...If you have a very right wing audience, say nothing overt against a 2 State Solution.  You might sneak in some poll against the 2 State Solution to make your paper credible but don't make it very obvious or put it on the front page..  
  • Don't speak out against the NGO's like NIF,  leftist operatives within Israel, and don't give a voice to those who protested NIF marching in the Israel Parade.  If you have a Right wing base of readers, just leave this controversy out of the news altogether. When you can, take the side of the JCRC and Federation who is paying you good money and receive their funding by leftists. 
  • When dealing with a religious population, always talk about Unity and against Lashon Hara.  Therefore, in order to be unified we must never  speak against the leaders of the State of Israel publicly. We don't want to raise the level of antisemitism which you claim happens when we speak negatively against our own people.   You claim that talking against any Religious and Public leaders divides us and is Lashon Hara! This works wonders when you want to silence the opposition or want to Silence protest. If  your readership is sympathetic towards the settlers,  and your audience is, just be neutral and don't validate their ideology. Don't validate the Settlers struggle for our right to live in all parts of Eretz Yisroel.  If you must, only do so embedded in your paper. We allow you to portray them in a sympathetic and human light.  After all we don't want to lose your readership completely. We will leave the leftist papers who are totally under our control to demonize them.
  • Never print anything to suggest that the government of Israel is not as democratic as people believe.  That would destroy the argument that the gov't won in a democratic election and if you don't like their position, elect a different gov't.  However, if they are not really democratic it makes it much more difficult to elect a different gov't because they control the election process. Therefore no news about the Election fraud between Netanyahu and Feiglin and the fact that the numbers were fabricated in the last Primary..   
  • Don't display pictures of any destruction of outposts or families being thrown out of their homes in high profile spots.  It would only make the gov't of Israel look bad. It would generate too much sympathy for the settlers.  A little sympathy is ok to make you credible but you can not over do it. 
  • Don't let people know that the military rule under the Civil Administration orders under Barak won't afford the same civil rights to those living in Judea and Samaria as other  Israeli citizens. 
  • Don't let your readers to know that our 2nd ammendment right, the freedom of self defense and to protect oneself does not really apply in Judea and Samaria.  Even soldiers are not really allowed to shoot or use force when threatened because if they do they are subject to reprimand and possible demotion.
  • The more friendly pictures between the Rabbanim and the gov't officials the more trusting the public will be of the gov't of Israel's motives.
  • Have pictures of Rabbanim like Rav Steinsalz and influential politicians like Peres in pictures together especially on the front page so that it is perceived that  that the Rabbanim are sanctioning  the gov't policies like supporting a 2 State Solution. 
  •   It is ok to report positively about growth in Judea and Samaria and the latest building permits approved only when you have to counter any negative press about expulsions and when the gov't is destroying places like HaUlpana.  This card must be used sparingly. Sometimes there is no choice and you have to play your cards right. Make sure that people won't believe that the gov't is doing anything substantial to hurt the settlers and give your readers the impression that the gov't is really on the side of the Settlers..  
  • Don't report on the unofficial building freeze over the last few years in Judea and Samaria that has starved the settlements of much needed housing and services.  It would only take away the brownie points gained from the la test building approvals that were part of the deal to sweeten the destruction of the HaUlpana homes.Readers might come to the conclusion that these deals are as a result of desperation by the Settlers and this would make the gov't look bad.
  • Don't report how certain Yesha Council members betrayed the Gush Katif people by collaborating with the gov't and it seems the same thing is happening once again.
  • Definitely don't publish this or my next email to you.   Or else..  There are no shortages of media personnel who will sell their soul for a buck.   We are davka choosing you and not the others.  We are offering more to you than others because you risk losing your base of loyal readers, and we desperately want you to keep your audience in order to influence these readers to take a passive role. It would be stupid of us to want you to lose your base. Don't be too obvious in changing your orientation.     Our goal is merely to neutralize any negative press against us and the leftist policies. We want your audience to be passive and not actively engaged in protest.  We don't really expect you to outwardly support our agenda.  
  • Just follow our rules and you will be taken care of... 

CHVRA,  each and every one of you can take your paper and turn it into a weapon against a Palestinian State!  You can take it into a weapon and fight for God  Or you can take the money and be Silent  You can take the money and tell yourself you are a grasshopper in the scheme of things and your voice won't make any difference anyway.  You can hide the truth and take the money.  But will your children pay the consequences?  How will you answer them when they ask you "How come your were silent?" 

On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Buddy Macy <> wrote:
One cannot determine from the World Jewish Congress advertisement, below, whether Arutz Sheva (Israel National News - INN) supports the position taken by Ron Lauder in his letter appearing in the ad. However, one knows for sure that INN has accepted compensation for an ad which contradicts the values and beliefs of most, if not all, of its readers and supporters!

Four of Israel's most esteemed Knesset Members: Moshe Ya'alon - Israel's Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs and former Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces; Dr. Arieh Eldad - Brig. Gen., Retired, who served as the chief medical officer and was the senior commander of the Israeli Defense Forces medical corps for 25 years and head of the burns unit at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem during the height of the Intifada; Yuval Steinitz - Israel's Finance Minister and the former chairman of both the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and the Knesset Subcommittee for Intelligence and Secret Services, and an active member of Peace Now before Oslo; and, Danny Danon - chairman of World Likud and Chair of the Knesset Committee for Aliya, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, have all stated publicly that implementation of the two-state "solution" would result in the destruction of Israel.*
That Ron Lauder, an American citizen, has chosen to promote a policy which the above four respected and admired Knesset Members believe would lead to the demise of Israel, is more than curious. And, Arutz Sheva's acceptance of compensation for the promotion of Lauder's personal beliefs through his position at WJC, is more than questionable. For the sake of clarity and truth, I urge Israel National News to issue a public statement as to its official position regarding the two-state "solution."

Most sincerely,

Buddy Macy


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