Monday, June 18, 2012

Some Priorities for a New Nationalist Camp by Prof. Paul Eidelberg


Dear Knesset Members, amv"sh


Why separate from Likud? Ait Laasot LaHashem, Hefeiru Toratecha /Tehillim 119, 126. It is time to do for Hashem for our Torah has been pushed aside, annulled.

  • Likud, is  endorsing and actively promoting a PA State.  
  • They are actively destroying Jewish settlement under Barak. 
There are millions of Bible Believers in the world especially in USA Congress.  They are confused as per why Netanyahu is giving away the heartland of Biblical Israel.  But they dare not speak against the elected Prime Minister of Israel.   Netanyahu is weakening the voice of those who are Israel's biggest supporters, namely Bible believers and thereby weakening his position regarding Iran in the process!

Therefore we can not be under their umbrella while Netanyahu is in charge.   This is the main reason for creating a new party which we suggest be called Zocher Habrit.  Please take some time to read this link even if you are not on the same page with what is written. It will most probably expand your tunnel vision and allow you to once again dream and broaden your vision to a higher plane. 

It seems like the Knesset Members are convinced that there is no option other than Likud.  After all, they have a wide coalition a unity gov't etc.  This email is to put some Chizuk and ideas into your head that indeed it is possible.  YES WE CAN!  Prof. Paul Eidelberg is the right man to advise how this can be accomplished step by step.  

Some Priorities for a New Nationalist Camp
Prof. Paul Eidelberg
First and foremost, Mr. Feiglin—may he live and be well—must be persuaded to leave the Likud and join with other to establish a United Front on behalf of Eretz Yisroel. So long as Feiglin hitches his star to the Likud, he divides the nationalist camp and undermines his own Jewish principles.
Second, a concerted effort must be made to unite the nationalist camp behind a new and comprehensive program, one that includes a youth movement that vehemently calls for:

(1) Jewish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, hence abrogation of Oslo;

(2) a Jewish Democratic Constitution with authentic institutional checks and balances, which requires (a) separation of the Legislative and Executive branches of government; (b) a unitary Executive elected by the people; (c) limitations on the powers of the Supreme Court;

(3) Reactivation and vitalization of the Foundations of Law act that makes Jewish law primus inter pares with other systems of law now affecting judicial rulings—hence, explicit rejection of the monstrous dictum "everything is justiciable," a dictum that violates not only democratic and Jewish principles, but the very concept of the rule of law.


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