Friday, June 08, 2012

Yesterday I wrote about the rainbow and today I saw a rainbow, in fact a double rainbow in Starret City and I read about rainbows in the Jewish Week. This is not a joke. See attachments


Do you believe in coincidences? Yesterday I wrote about saying the Bracha, blessing for a rainbow and today I had to say the blessing.  I believe in Hashgacha pratis, which means that G-d runs the world and there are no coincidences. So when I saw the rainbow I was happy.  I told myself, G-d liked your post and liked your idea about a new party named "Zocher Habrit".  See He even sent you a real live rainbow and a beautiful one.  

But it was a double rainbow (see attachements)

Today I also read about  rainbows in the Jewish Week.  It was about a group that open identifies themselves as gay was allowed to march in the Israel Parade. Go on the link and look at the picture of rainbow-striped banners.   To quote the article 
"The group contained 100 members and featured rainbow-striped banners, Israeli flags trimmed with rainbows and T-shirts emblazoned with a rectangular rainbow stamped in the middle with a white Jewish star."  

So I was also very sad.  The Knesset voted against the Pro-Yesha Bill and the Gays were allowed to march in the Israel Parade.

Coincidence?   Is it no wonder I saw a real live rainbow today.  See attachments of pictures. We are told that when we see a rainbow it is a warning that G-d is telling us that the world deserves to be destroyed but G-d remembers the Covenant he made with the world never to bring a flood again. Remember the world was destroyed in Noah's time because of immorality.  Different species were mating each other unnaturally and the world needed to be destroyed.  The world was full of Hamas, and the world needed to be destroyed.  The world needs to be reminded to shape up and to be moral. Hamas has no place in this world.

So Hashem wants the world to have a rainbow?  Let there be a new movement, a revolution in Israel called "Zocher Habrit", whereby we remind ourselves that G-d remembers His Covenent to the world and is true to His Word and that the Jewish Nation must be faithful to G-d and to remember our part of the Covenant with G-d, to keep the Laws and Statutes and G-d will protect the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. This way, the world is protected and with G-d's help we collectively prevent another deluge, another Holocaust Chas Vechalila from taking place Heaven forbid!

Shabbat Shalom Umevorach!


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