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Rabbanim in Eretz Yisroel are fighting against Decree to destroy HaUlpana - Call for special prayers in Synogogues this Tue night Erev Rosh Chodesh Tammuz,Yom Kippur Katan against pending Ulpana expulsion. Letter from AFSI


Chevra, amv"sh

The Jews suffered in the desert for 40 years after the Sin of the Spies.  You can ask why did they have to suffer if it was only the Spies who sinned.  The answer is that they could have fought  back and not accepted the decree!  Each and every one of us can do our part to see that this terrible expulsion does not take place.  THERE IS STILL TIME TO CHANGE THE DECREE BUT WE MUST NOT STAND IDLY BY!!!!!  JOIN WITH RABBANIM AND INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE DOING THEIR PART!  EACH AND EVERY JEW ACCORDING TO HIS or HER ABILITY!  YASHER KOACH!  Hashem Oz LeAmo Yiten!! May G-d give us strength!

"Tzfat's chief Sephardic rabbi, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu addressed activists involved in the effort to prevent the expulsion of families from Beit El's Ulpana neighborhood. Rabbi Eliyahu explained "Likud and Labor are running the country, and what are we supposed to be doing, making coffee".

The rav explained that some time ago, the mission was to establish yeshivot, and that has been accomplished. Then the mission became establishing torani garinim, a hardcore group of young people committed to the torah way of life, to spread adherence to torah and mitzvos around the country, including cities like Tel Aviv.

"The mission today is a greater one. It is time to take control," explaining it is time for the committed community to take control of the country and run things as they should be in Eretz Yisrael. "The Likud and Labor are running the world, together with a few judges who call themselves superior" explained the rav as he cited the failures of today's leaders who are far from the torah way of life.

The rav encouraged the young participants to set their sights on the leadership of the nation, to run the country with an emunah in HKBH, in line with torah values."


Beit HaHoraah whose head is Rav Dov Lior called for prayers this Tuesday night in all Synagogues to annul the  decree to evacuate HaUlpana 

Today the Rabbanim of Beit Hahoraa of Public Matters whose head is Rav Dov Lior Rav of Kiryat Arba called upon the public not to be discouraged or weakened in spirit due to the harsh decree threatening the .settlers of Binyamin area and Beit El specifically 

In this announcement he referred to a Chazal, Rabbinic teachings which says that even if a sharp sword is pointing to ones neck don't hold yourself back from G-d's mercy.  The Rabbanim called upon the public to pray and  to call upon the Knesset Ministers to use their influence to annul this decree and they called upon the Youth especially, to be involved, to be present as much as possible, in the Binyamin area and to identify with the settlers not be be uprooted G-d forbid from their inheritance


 HaRav HaGaon Dov Lior Av Beis Din Shlita
HaRaav HaGaon Nachum Eliezer Rabinowitz Shlita
HaRav Michael Hershkowitz Shlita
 HaRav Elyakim Levanon Shlita
HaRav Dovid Chai HaCohen Shlita
Harav Shimon Cohen Shlita
בית ההוראה בראשות הרב דב ליאור על פינוי האולפנה:

" לקבוע תפילת ערב יום כיפור קטן בכל בתי הכנסת ולהתפלל על ביטול הגזירה"

בקריאה שפרסמו היום (ב'), קוראים רבני בית ההוראה לענייני ציבור בראשותו של רבה של קרית ארבע הרב דב ליאור לציבור "לא ליפול בייאוש ובחולשת הרוח לנוכח הגזירה הקשה המאיימת על ישובי בנימין בכלל ובית אל בפרט".

בקריאה הם מזכירים את דברי חז"ל אשר אמרו "אפילו חרב חדה מונחת על צווארו של אדם אל ימנע עצמו מהרחמים". הרבנים מבקשים "להמשיך בתפילה לבורא עולם לביטול הגזירה ולפעול גם בארץ ע"י השפעה על השרים ונבחרי הציבור שיעשו מה שיש לאל ידם לביטול הגזירה. בנוסף מבקשים הרבנים מהציבור ובייחוד לנוער להיות נוכחים במידת האפשר במרחבי ארץ בנימין "כדי להביע את ההזדהות עם תושבי הישובים לבל ייעקרו חלילה מאחוזתם".

עוד ציינו רבני בית ההוראה כי יש לקבוע תפילת ערב יום כיפור קטן ביום ג' בכל בתי הכנסת ולהתפלל על ביטול הגזירה.

הרבנים החותמים  על הקריאה הינם:

           הרה"ג הרב דוב ליאור שליט"א - אב בי"ד

           הרה"ג הרב נחום אליעזר רבינוביץ שליט"א        

           הרב אליקים לבנון שליט"א

           הרב מיכאל הרשקוביץ שליט"א

           הרב דוד חי הכהן שליט"א

           הרב שמעון כהן שליט"א


The AFSI Chizuk group has visited the threatened communities of Givat Assaf, the Ulpana Section of Beit-El, and  Migron. We have seen the destruction that has already taken place in Migron where three homes were inexplicably destroyed. The community is facing total destruction. The brave and resilient people who live there will not give up their rights to live as free people in the promised land.  AVIELA DEITCH, with whom the AFSI group has met a number of times, has been pleading for help. Contact her at:

Tax deductible donations may be made through Shuva Israel, run by the Shomron Liaison Office:
The Shomron Liaison Office PO Box 184, 
Reveva, DN Lev HaShomron, 44839, Israel
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    Read: Save Migron by Nurit Greenger click here
    Read: Classic Zionism in Migron by David Ha'ivri click here
                  It's been almost seven years and the tragedy of the expulsion from Gush Katif, August 2005 is very much alive.  ANITA TUCKER, one of the heroines of our age, has been sturggling mightily to bring Gush Katif back to life. We have learned from her that an unspeakable action has taken place. Will we awaken from this nightmare and discover it has been a horrible dream, or is this the future reality for dedicated Israelis? See Anita's email below:
From Anita Tucker:  
         Thanks so much Helen for taking the time to respond. Your persistent caring and "getting it"  and that of many of those you bring on your trips are a big  encouragement. They are truly sparks of light in what is going on with am yisrael these so challenging days .
         I presume you heard that the Bnei Dekalim group, scheduled to move to Lachish, and the group here from Ein Tzurim, as well as the Netta group from Kfar Darom and Shekef were to receive 40 caravans of 75 meters in a week and half.  They were to be placed in Lachish in the new towns for 20 families from each group to move into, and begin the new towns, as well as a school , kindergartens and nursery schools. Families had packed, families had not renewed their rental contracts ---and suddenly those very caravans were taken by the Prime Minister's office to the place in Beit El to where the people of the Ulpana neightborhood were to be moved. Even a novel writer,a science fiction writer couldn't come up with a more grotesque scenerio. So,  after seven years when the first families were finally to move to a new location, as the building goes on, to begin the new school and new kindergartens,  suddenly there are no longer any caravans for them because they were taken to dislocate more families!!! Truly wild  and sick!
        Of the thousands I sent the letter to -I received responses from about twenty ---those same twenty + that have cared from 2000-2005 and ever since. Most of our people just don't understand what happened and what is happening today and what must be done to assure that Am Yisrael can continue proudly.
         The fact that the rockets that landed today in the Negev were apparently shot from the Sinai is really ironic. We used to go to the border outpost and look over to the ruins of destroyed Yamit ---and feel pain that the land was still not being used.  NOW IT IS FINALLY BEING USED ANEW -TO SHOOT ROCKETS TO MITZPEH RAMON.
         Thank G-d  you and we will not let  go of our faith and values and will find the way to prevail, G-d willing.  
Love Anita     
Tax deductible contributions to help the beleaguered refugees from Gush Katif may be written to:  American Friends of Netzer Chazani, and mailed to:
American Friends of Netzer Chazani, POB 268, Cedarhurst, NY 11516.
A secure donate page is: 
Another plea for help -
             When Cheryl Lewin and I, Helen Freedman, visited the HaCohen family with Marilyn Cytryn in May of this year, we found an intolerable situation. Not only is Akiva HaCohen under house arrest where he is forbidden to use the telephone or computer,or to leave the house, even for a short time in order to get some fresh air and exercise, but his wife is also a prisoner. She must "guard" him at all times. If a situation arises where she must be out of the house to supervise their four children, she must get another approved "guard" for him. He was given an administrative order to leave his home and community of Yitzhar for a full year. He was never given a specific reason for the banishment, but was told it was because of "security concerns." He has also not been formally charged with a crime.
             In a desperate effort to save his business and get out of the enormous debt he has incurred, since he must pay rent on the apartment the family occupies in Jerusalem, as well as payments on his farm, the HaCohens are trying to raise money to purchase an air-tight machine that will allow them to package their flour so that it can be sold efficiently. Without this machine, Akiva will be forced to close down his business. Honenu, a wonderful organization that provides legal assistance to Akiva and so many others whom the government has targeted, has been helping to a great exent. 
          The best way for you to help the HaCohen family is to send a tax deductible donation to: Central Fund for Israel, c/o Marcus Brothers, 980 Sixth Avenue, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10018. The check should be made out to: Central Fund for Israel - earmarked for Honenu, Akiva HaCohen. If you are not concerned with a tax exemption, you may mail the check to: Marilyn Cytryn, 15/3 Etzel Rd., Jerusalem 97853. Anyone wishing to contact Ayelet HaCohen: 011-972-54-638-2106. 

To meet the people about whom we write, and to visit the communities which are endangered simply because the people living in them care deeply about inhabiting the land and making it flourish, we invite you to join us on our next AFSI CHIZUK mission to Israel, Nov. 7-15, 2012. There is no other tour that matches ours. Please read about past missions on our website:, and look at the tentative itinerary for the upcoming mission. Call Helen at the AFSI office,             212-828-2424      ;             1-800-235-3658       for information and reservations.
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