Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Letter to Mainstream Jewish Organizations re: 5.4 billion plan to speed arrival of Palestinian State


IN the Economist April 26th, 2008 issue page 65 it was reported that this month Israel agreed to let the Palestinian Authority (PA) open 20 police stations in the West Bank.  For the first time since the Palestinians violent second intifada began eight years ago, they will be in rural areas, where Israel, not the PA is in charge of security.  Last month Israel also gave the PA permission to deploy 620 special forces troops in the northern West Bank city of Jenin home to some of the most diehard Palestinian militants.

It is all part of a $5.4 billion plan meant to speed the arrival of a Palestinian state.  Israel is negotiating a "framework agreement" (no longer a fully fledged peace deal, as planned last autumn) with the PA's president, Mahmoud Abbas.

WOW a lot has happened in one month while we were all busy preparing and celebrating  the  Passover Holiday.

The Economists also reports that the green light for the new police stations and deployment in Jenin came only after a lot of American pressure on Israel to give Mr. Abbas a chance to prove himself. 

5.4 billion dollars is a lot of money.  I am sure you agree.  It can wreak much havoc on the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews living in Judea and Samaria who will be displaced not to mention the rest of Israel who will be within rocket range, if Mr. Abbas does NOT prove himself. 

And we have excellent reason to believe that Mr. Abbas will not prove himself. 

That reason has its source based on the Torah.  Military and other experts will support with strong arguments as to why Mr. Abbas will not prove himself.  Yet the Torah is the root reason.  The Torah can not be negotiated away. You don't have to be an observant Jew to believe in the Torah, You don't even have to be Jewish.  The Land of Israel is the PROMISED LAND.  It is also called the HOLY LAND.  It is a gift of G-d to the Jewish People, promised to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob exclusively. It is a Holy Land when the Nation of Israel observe the commandments in the Land of Israel and the Land of Israel  is a necessary ingredient for the observance of many of the commandments  such as Shemittah, the Sabbatical year.  These commandments are known as Mitzvoth Teluyot Baaretz, commandments dependent on the Land.

The blessings for the observance of these commandments is peace and prosperity.  The failure of observance of these commandments is lack of peace and security, which seems to be the present situation of today.  The Land of Israel has never produced and will never produce for any foreign authority, peaceful loving Palestinians or other, as the Torah has stated and as history has shown. Gush Katif  in the Gaza strip is a perfect example.  Once a thriving productive piece of land with an abundance of produce, bug free lettuce, tomatoes, flowers etc, exports in the millions if not more.  Now it is the breeding ground for Al Qaieda and Hamas a launching site for rocket and mortar attack against "proper Israel" whatever "proper Israel" means.  The name Green Line was coined since upon looking at Israel from an aerial perspective, the part of Israel that was under Israel's jurisdiction was green due to the abundance of produce.  The other side of the line not under Jewish sovereignty was barren.

As leaders of the Jews,  who have the mandate to be the Mamlechet Kohanim, a Kingdom of Priests for all the other nations, will YOU stand idly by when 5.4 billion dollars is at the very best being wasted and almost certainly being used for destructive purposes. Will you continue to sit silently or even endorse this Roadmap which continues to empower terror and terrorists and bring destruction to humanity, G-d Forbid,  all in the name of "Peace"?

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