Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Action Alert from Buddy. Still no homes for Gush Katif Jews. Still obligated to pay back loans after gov't destroys


Let me add to Buddy's letter that it's totally disgusting that after the gov't so efficiently destroyed their means of Parnassa, their livelihood, the farmers are still required to pay back the loans and the mortgages on their homes and businesses in Gush Katif.  Demand that in addition to finding permanent housing for the people of Gush Katif, that their loans be released on the property and businesses that the gov't destroyed. Why should these honest hard working individuals have their credit ruined due to no fault of their own. Let the gov't take responsibility for these people's inability to pay their debts.

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Date: 2008/4/29
Subject: Fwd: Still no homes for Gush Katif Jews
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From: Buddy Macy <vegibud@gmail.com>
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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 15:31:58 -0400
Subject: Still no homes for Gush Katif Jews
"Disengagement" from the Gaza Strip was completed on August 22, 2005 and from northern Samaria a day later.  It is now 1,000 DAYS since our fellow Jews were expelled from their homes, yet inconceivably, and tragically so, building of permanent houses for most of the expellees HAS NOT EVEN BEGUN!

Please write to Howard Rieger, Joseph Kanfer, Malcolm Hoenlein, June Walker, John Ruskay, Russell Robinson and Ronald Lauder.


Ask them what they have done LATELY to address the ongoing tragedy of the expellees from Gush Katif. 

Ask them what would happen to the up to 250,000 Jews who would be expelled from their homes should Olmert agree to "Palestinian" demands.


Demand that they publicly say "NO" TO THE TWO-STATE "SOLUTION."

Thank you so much.

Buddy Macy - 973-785-0057


Shalom, שלום

There will be a march from Yad Mordechai Junction to Erez Roadblock this coming Sunday (Isru-Chag Pesach - 22 Nissan [27 April]) starting at 4pm - the former residents of Gush Katif will scream "Until When Will We Be Without a House?" ... "1000 days after the uprooting, most of us haven't even started building the new house".

הודעה בעברית ב- See Hebrew article at


"המגורשים יצעדו: 'עד מתי נהיה בלי בית?'"

"1000 ימים לאחר העקירה, רובנו טרם התחלנו בבניית הבית החדש

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