Monday, April 28, 2008

Action Alert: Pidionshvuim7&8 Halamish brothers, family in Negahot


Action Alert:  In addition to calling up the Embassy [telephone 202-364-5500], here are additional email addresses to express your outrage at the arrest and pending imprisonment of the Halamish brothers whose crime is protecting a Jewish community. 

Apparently, American Foreign Policy rather than legitimate Israeli security considerations are dictating IDF.  Dismantling 50 roadblocks as well as supplying Fatah with arms that find themselves in the hands of terrorist are other examples. where American Foreign Policy   has taken priority over security considerations, thereby endangering the lives of Israeli citizens.   Evicting a family from their home on the Eve of the holiday by the IDF is another proof that the IDF will operate in order to please American Foreign Policy rather than behave with human decency and concern for their fellow Jew.

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April 11, 2008

Pidion Shvuim Alert:
No. 7
Halamish Brothers Land in Legal Limbo; Could Be Arrested Any Moment

    Hours before they were scheduled to begin their prison sentence in
connection with protecting a Jewish community, the Halamish brothers won
what turned out to be a very short reprieve.
    Jerusalem District Court Judge Moshe Ravid stayed the prison sentence of
Danny and Yitzhak Halamish, scheduled to enter jail on April 10. At first,
Ravid ordered a hearing after Passover to discuss why the request by the
brothers to stay their prison sentence was rejected without explanation. But
a day later, Ravid said the hearing would take place on April 11 at 9:30
a.m. Why? Call it pressure from his superiors.
    At the hearing on April 11, Ravid, who pleaded ignorance to the details,
said he did not have authority to decide the case. The prosecution was
pleased, but then asked the judge to order the arrest of the Halamish
brothers so that they would not be declared fugitives. The judge refused,
and suggested that the court that sentenced the brothers be approached
    The bottom line is that the Halamish brothers are free, but could be
arrested at any moment. The brothers plan to again appeal the Supreme Court,
which already rejected a previous motion.
    In March, we reported on the case of Danny and Yitzhak Halamish, two
members of an Israel Army-sponsored unit abandoned by the military and
sentenced to jail for protecting a Jewish community in Judea and Samaria.
Since then, at least 1,000 people have either telephoned
their outrage to the Israeli military or signed a petition for the
suspension of theit sentences.
    Ravid's ruling not to hear the Halamish case could give the brothers
another chance to prove their innocence. The brothers argued in their appeal
that a third member of the unit had been kept of out prison until he
was pardoned by then-President Moshe Katsav. The Halamishes have submitted a
pardon request to President Shimon Peres.
    Dear lovers of Zion, there is no question that your pressure helped keep
the Halamish brothers out of prison. Now, we must redouble
our efforts so that the Israel Army assumes responsibility for its soldiers
either bails them out or tries the brothers in a military court..
    Call the Israel embassy  [telephone 202-364-5500] and ask to speak to
the military attache. Express your outrage that the Israel Army abandoned
its fighters for protecting Jews.. Don't argue. The military attache's office
knows exactly what you're talking about.
    Stress that you are an American citizen whose support for the Israeli
military is based on its protection of Jews. Say that you also plan to
discuss this case with your member of Congress who decides on U.S. military
aid to Israel.
    The Olmert government, with an approval rating of near zero, has refused
any accountability to the Israeli people and fears only the Bush
administration. Unless we act now, there will be many more young Jews in
jail. The Jewish holiday of Passover is about redemption. Let's work to
redeem our fellow Jews.

With Love of Israel,
Datya Itzhaki

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