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Re: Condoleezza Rice - Mother Theresa to Terrorists


Dear Ms. Montrose, amv"sh

Thank you so much for sending me this.  Avi Conway, a fellow activist here in Brooklyn, NY recently spoke to Eli Hertz and acknowledged that his work is phenomenal but we would want him and others to emphasize Torah and the Prophets.  International Law of our century and previous centuries has its roots in Torah and the Prophets.  Torah is our Mesora, our Heritage of thousands of years. 

Because we as Jews have failed to assert our identity and our exclusive rights and entitlement to the Land of Israel the Arabs have filled the void and hove done so instead.  Our entitlement to the Land of Israel is clearly spelled out in the Torah in the Covenant with Abraham, repeated with the Covenant to Isaac and repeated with the Covenant to Jacob our forefathers. It was again reiterated to Moshe Rabeinu and the prophets.  The Arabs have stolen our identity and  claim that they have rights, exclusive rights, to the Land of Israel .  Them and not us.  The United States of America  supports their "rights" and perhaps naively believe that they can still convince the Arabs that Jews also have some rights to the Land. 

The Truth must be told and that truth comes from the Torah.  Only Israel has exclusive rights to the Land of Israel and the Arabs are occupying our Land.  The borders are clearly delineated in the Torah and with the Covenant of Abraham it extends to the Euphrates River. The non extended boundaries of the Land of Israel are delineated in Parashat Masei.  The LAND OF ISRAEL is the PROMISED LAND and it is not promised to the Arabs or any other peace loving nation.  If they really wish to negotiate, negotiate whether Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, etc have rights to what they consider to be their land. We have  rights because as it says in the first Rashi of Breishit, G-d created the heavens and the earth and G-d chooses to whom He will give the Land as an inheritance.  The Land belongs to G-d.   Jews clearly demonstrate this when they keep the Mitzvah of Shemittah once every seven years.  The Land lies fallow and it returns to the Creator. When the Nation of Israel keeps the commandments of the Torah, (and the Land of Israel is a necessary ingredient to keep the commandments), the entire world prospers and peace reigns.  When the Nation of Israel has sovereignty their inner desire is to perfect and better the world and humanity (Tikkun Olam).  This is quite evident with a review of  accomplishments of the Nation of Israel within the State of Israel over the past 60 years.  Check out the latest contributions coming from Israel in technologies in agriculture, medicine,  arts and sciences.

Secular Jews especially have that strong desire to be a Mamlechet Kohanim, a Nation of Priests. Israel consistently sends their teams of rescue workers  and aid to all parts of the world whenever a disaster strikes.  Zaka is out there. Sometimes their aid is even  rejected but their desire to help out is apparent

The Arabs that reject our sovereignty are trespassing on OUR Holy Land and are trying to make sure that OUR holy work will be halted.

Unfortunately, instead of Gush Katif with their beautiful, model communities, producing flowers, bug free lettuce, tomatoes, cultural centers, thriving educational centers and houses of worship, we have a destroyed piece of land not much different than the Lion King's portrayal of the evil kingdom that destroyed what was good and beautiful shooting rockets into population centers. What happened in Gush Katif is a clear warning of what is to happen if we appease and capitulate to our enemies demands.

Jews must unite with the common denominator which is the Torah and that This Land IS MINE, G-D gave this Land to ME! (lead song from the film The Exodus)  Failure to do so has allowed the enemy to come into our homeland and slowly destroy all the good and the potential good we want to share with humanity by keeping and modeling the commandments of our Holy Torah.

American Orthodox mainstream Jewish Organizations such as Agudath Yisroel of America, the Young Israel, the Orthodox Union and even International Chabad are Silent as to proclaiming with clarity the rights to our Land.  It is no wonder that America has no problem undermining our rights when we ourselves are totally SILENT.  These major orthodox Jewish organizations have fantastic networks within America, clout and offices in Washington DC yet they remain SILENT. 

Why are mainstream Orthodox Jewish Organizations representing thousands of synagogues and hundreds of thousands of  caring Jews so Silent?  Apparently, one theory which seems to make a lot of sense to me, is because these organizations feel that speaking out against American Foreign Policy will jeopardize their tax exempt status and their organizations might fall apart.   Privately all the Rabbis agree that a 2 State Solution is a terrible thing. So they will speak out privately but will not to be critical of American Foreign Policy publicly.  The mainstream Orthodox Jewish newspapers and even Jewish media seems to adhere to "do not be critical of American Foreign Policy" .  They will speak out against anti-Semitism and how we are not like Hamas that is out to destroy the entire people of Israel and Western society but rather we are civilized and we negotiate.  Jews feel good about themselves for their oneupmanship over the racist terrorists. 

Our Jewish Leaders by their unwillingness to protest the evil policies of the Israeli gov't and the evil policies of the State Dept headed by Condeleeza Rice, end up by their complicity supporting racist operatives against their own peoples such as the expulsion of Gush Katif and the turning of a blind eye when their brethren are being daily attacked with Kassam Rockets, and most recently, abandoning their brethren in Judea and Samaria by not protesting the dismantling of their security roadblocks.  Are we waiting for another Mercaz Harav attack so that terrorists have freedom of movement?.

Instead of clearly stating that we are ENTITLED to the Land of Israel and THEY ARE NOT, Our "Jewish Leaders" are ACTIVELY promoting the 2 State Solution, negotiating with terrorists, thereby endangering the lives of our people and the lives of the entire world. Shas remains a member of the gov't of Israel enabling them to continue to negotiate Jerusalem and give away Judea and Samaria. . OU remains a member of the JCPA who endorses the 2 State Solution.  The Conference of Presidents (with prestigious orthodox Jewish member organizations) will promote PEACE NOW's agenda and the 2 State Solution. The Silence and lack of Protest of Agudath Yisroel and the members of the nascent CCJER - Coordinating Council on Jerusalem have effectively mobilized their constituencies,  hundreds of thousands of caring Jews to be Silent when Gush Katif was destroyed and when Sederot is being attacked.  Their solution is prayer to the Almighty w/o any concrete measures of activism to stop the Oslo Process, to stop negotiations with Palestinians for a Palestinian homeland,  to stop the abandonment of our brethren in Judea and Samaria,  to stop the removal of Jewish Settlement in the HolyLand and the formation of a Palestinian State chas veshalom, chas vechalilah!

Again, negotiations and talk of a 2 State solution, empowers our enemies and empowers those that wish to destroy us.  Our failure (as a Nation) to claim Eretz Yisroel as ours, has resulted in a void which has been  filled with the Arabs claim that Eretz Yisroel is theirs. Americas need for oil and the threat of Iran has allowed Israel to become the scapegoat.  Malcolm Hoenlein feels that nothing of consequence is actually happening by negotiating.  He will speak of the need for reciprocity,  He misses the point.  Even a "peace loving Palestinian State living side by side in peace and harmony" is a betrayal of our Holy Torah and is a wishful elusive dream of those that wish to pacify the nations of the world who can satisfy Americas need for oil.  Silence is complicit agreement and a  rejection on our part of OUR Covenant.  A Palestinian State will NEVER amount to anything except curses.  It is for this reason alone that these talks have been the source of the rise of anti-Semitism worldwide.

We must publicize the fact that the mainstream Orthodox Jewish Organizations are clearly against the 2 State Solution but are not forthcoming because they are dependent on America for the funding of their many worthwhile projects.  

Do we have a choice?  We must show  dependency on G-d and speak the truth.  We answer to a higher being. Do we risk another Holocaust. Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons are in the hands or soon to be in the hands of evil powers. CHAS VESHALOM, CHAS VECHALILAH.

The secular Jew might have an excuse of being ignorant of the Torah.  Tinok Shenishba.  However, the religious Jew, knows and studies the Torah.  This is a Shemittah year.  It is a year where we do not know where our sustenance will come but with faith in the Almighty we do what we are obligated to do and share our resources with one another. The Almighty is capable of sustaining us and dissipating any enemy threats.  Yet we must do our part. Hashem desires our show of faith in His Word.  Being Silent when the Holy Torah is under attack is not a show of faith. It is a show of weakness of faith.   AIT LAASOT LAHASHEM HEFEIRU TORATECHA.

Our Brooklyn group of Activists wish to raise awareness among the locals that it is imperative that the Silence ends.  EACH and every Jew must take some sort of action for Hashem.  Imagine if each and every Yeshiva student was instructed by the Agudath Yisroel of America, the CHofetz CHaim Heritage Foundation,  Torah Mesorah, the Young Israel, the OU, Chabad International, to write a personal or form letter to the President clearly proclaiming proudly and with clarity "THIS LAND IS MINE, G-D GAVE THIS LAND TO ME!" What an impact this would have!  Hundreds of thousands of letters streaming in to the White House.  Imagine if each and every Parent and/or  member of a Synagogue was instructed to make just one phone call. Calls would be closing the comment lines in the White House.

Finally, let Malcolm Hoenlein, an Orthodox Jew representing the Conference of Presidents know that if he wishes to represent the authentic Jewish position, he must first  and foremost be true to our Torah.  Otherwise, let him step aside for others more qualified to speak up.

Yasher koach on all you activism on behalf of Am Yisroel.

Sincerely, Robin Ticker

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 7:48 PM, Doris Wise Montrose <doris@cjhsla.org> wrote:

U.S. State Department Undermines Jewish Rights and
Defies International Law
The Tale of a "U.S.-Palestinian Partnership"

April 14, 2008 | Eli E. Hertz

The U.S. State Department has recently released a video on its website displaying remarks on the current activities of the new "U.S.-Palestinian Partnership" headed by Mr. Walter Isaacson, President of the Aspen Institute, and one of the C0-Chairs and the Coordinator of this initiative who stated at that press conference:

"The Partnership will be "trying to get a call center developed ... in East Jerusalem ..."

Mr. Walter continues:

"I certainly think that Minister Barak is very much in favor of this call center" [Is Barak giving-up on 'East Jerusalem'? Is Shass listening?]

Ziad Asali, President of the American Task Force on Palestine stated in the same press conference:

"And what is available to us at this point in time is what we can do in the West Bank and East Jerusalem ... The first call center that's being considered actually is in East Jerusalem."

In the name of "business development and economic opportunities " the State Department is systematically ignoring and undermining Jewish rights to Judea and Samaria and the sovereignty over Israel's Capitol - Jerusalem.

Palestinian Arabs are encouraged by their success' at historical revisionism and global brainwashing (including the U.S. State Department), with the "Big Lie" of a 'Palestinian people.'

Historically, before the Arabs fabricated the concept of Palestinian peoplehood as an exclusively Arab phenomenon, no such group existed. This is substantiated in countless official British Mandate-vintage documents that speak of the Jews and the Arabs of Palestine-not Jews and Palestinians.

The State Department's use of fabricated and loaded terms such as 'Palestinian People' and 'East Jerusalem' is a perilous threat that will only continue to incite Palestinian Arabs - leading to war, not peace.

To Condoleezza Rice: You maintained that you are "a student of international history" and the Jewish people's history is well documented. Palestinian Arabs have nurtured a myth that historically there were two Jerusalems - an Arab 'East Jerusalem' and a Jewish 'West Jerusalem.'

Jerusalem was never an Arab city; Jews have held a majority in Jerusalem since 1870, and 'east-west' is a geographical, not political designation. It is no different than claiming Annapolis, the capitol of Maryland should be a separate political entity from the rest of that state.

Jerusalem has served, and still serves, as the political capitol of only one nation - the one belonging to the Jews.

To view the press conference or read the entire text please click HERE.

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